Video: How to Style Dascha Polanco's Effortlessly Glam Bob

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We became obsessed with Orange Is The New Black star Dascha Polanco's elegant, wavy bob the moment we spotted it on the 2016 SAG Awards red carpet. Months later we still can’t get the effortlessly pretty style out of our heads, so InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large, Kahlana Barfield Brown turned to celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez for the expert tips it takes to recreate Dascha’s stunning bob.

Surprisingly, the glam, red carpet-ready style is DIY friendly, and if you’re not ready to make the commitment to a shorter cut, you can still rock the look—no scissors required. To begin, section off the hair into four large parts. Before working on the curls, Alvarez shared a genius pro trick: “Depending on your hair texture, if you have straight or fine hair, spritz a light-hold hairspray for extra grip.”

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The key to creating waves like Dascha’s is to glide the hair through a 2-in. curling iron instead of wrapping it around the barrel. Another savvy insider tip from Alvarez: “I cradle my curls; it’s kind of my signature thing to do. I hold the curl in my hand and give it a nice little blow. That way it sets the way I curled it.” She advises viewers to alternate the direction of the curls on the back of the head so the finished product doesn’t look like one giant curl, and then to curl under at the crown for extra volume and lift.

For the final, front section of hair, Alvarez recommends curling away from the face to give the style a dramatic, elegant swoop, before teasing throughout to finish and break up the curls. Dascha’s chic look works for longer hair, too. Simply pin up the curls using bobby pins to fake a shorter length. Press play on the video above to get all the glamorous details.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Colana with InStyle, and I'm here with celebrity hair stylist Cynthia Alvarez. And she's gonna teach us how to get Dascha Polanco's effortlessly glam bob. The good thing about this style, is it's very DIY-friendly. So to begin, I sectioned off Her hair into four parts. Being that the waves are gonna be bigger, we can do a larger section. I like to take about an inch and a half. Now depending on your texture, your hair is naturally wavy, so it can hold the curl really nicely. Mm-hm. So I wouldn't do any hairspray before I curl. However, if If someone does have straighter hair, I would do like a light hold hairspray just to give the hair that extra grip. With a two-inch curling iron, I'd go in and instead of winding it how we normally do by wrapping the hair around the iron, kind of just let it glide through the hair. That's the key for this style. You can hold it there for about 30 seconds. And then what I like to do, I cradle my curls. It's kind of my signature thing to do. So I kind of hold it here, give it a nice little blow. So that way it sets the way I curled it. Okay. And then for the back sections, what I do is I actually alternate direction. Okay, so the last one you did under, and this one you're doing over? This one's going over. Okay. I really love the bigger barrel because It won't give you as tight of a curl, because you want this to look really effortless, almost like she put rollers in her hair, pulled it out and walked out the door. Right underneath this section is a curl that went under, so I actually want to go over. And the reason I alternate the curls in the back is because if I don't, they'll end up just turning into one big wave Right. You definitely don't want to make it look too perfect, so very little effort is required fortunately. If someone has longer hair, could you still do this style? You can. What you would want to do is pin it though. Cuz your hair is so short, I can just literally cool it down and drop it, and not have to worry about the curls loosening as much. But if your hair's longer, it's going to be heavier As I'm working on the back of your hair, the iron is parallel to the nape of your neck so as we get to the front you'll see that my angle switches. So now that we're starting to get to the top of her hair, the length is longer So you kinda wanna control the hair and help feed it into the iron. Just be sure not to wand. Hold it, grip it, so that way you form a uniform curl as opposed to a wanded one. And as you get to the last section on top, I always like to go under, just cuz it gives you that extra bump of volume. So Kilana, being that we didn't add any product to your hair after we washed and conditioned it, I'd like to use a little bit of dry shampoo just to absorb any extra oils that are left behind from the leave in condition and also kind of just add that instant volume. Mm-hm. Without the film. Okay. So lightly kind of just section off smaller ones from the larger section and lightly spray. Let that set and then you just Brush it out, and you instantly have tons of volume, and you just go back in, and start curling. So now, we're on the left section in the back, and you want to take into account the section right next to it, cuz if went under, you want to go over. As you start approaching the crown, you can take. A little rat tail comb, and we start lightly back combing the roots. This is what gives a kinda airy, light feel. So now we're done with the back section, we wanna let them still cool before we even brush them out or touch them or anything. As we more to the front you wanna take smaller sections so that it's just a little tighter than the ones in the back. And for this as opposed to holding your iron horizontally, hold it a bit more vertical still at an angle away from your face. You still wanna alternate when you get to the front but this one is kind of interesting cuz you always want the very front right by your edges to go back cuz again you want that volume and that rounder shape at the top. Just let these cool as we move to the other side. So for this last section, which is gonna be your swoop, instead of curling up or down, we're actually gonna curl back to help give it that swooping motion. While this side is cooling down, I'm gonna go in and tease a bit of the other side. And as you can see in doing this, it's already breaking up the curls. Mm-hm. The more you break up this curl, the better it's gonna look. I like to go in and tease the ends, just to kind of give it volume all throughout. Continue doing what you were doing, teasing the top, teasing throughout the curl, with the shaping... It's a little tricky, so you want to kind of come back and then come forward with it. If you see that some curls are kind of still defined, you might want to brush through them and break them up a bit more. All right. Just a little bit of Some flexible hold hairspray. Cause again you want the staying power, but you still want the movement. Well I have the movement. Absolutely. I love it. There you go. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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