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There's nothing more effortlessly gorgeous than the waves of a model off-duty. The tousled strands give an "I woke up like this," vibe without looking disheveled. InStyle's Violet Gaynor turned to John Frieda hairstylist Harry Josh to find out all the steps required to achieve the bombshell look.

The hair pro, who has worked with catwalk queens such as Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss, revealed that the models, "just wanted to look like they didn't use a curling iron." Instead of structured spirals, "they just wanted the bends, and kicks, and flicks in their hair that make it look like 'model off duty.'"

"The first thing you want to do is divide the hair into fours," Josh explains while recommending "a 1-inch barrel, which is my hero size for the iron." If you have long hair you can start very high up on the hair shaft because the weight of the hair is going to pull the curls down. Wrapping each section around the barrel for three seconds adds enough heat to mold each ring.

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Josh's secret to locking the look in place? Apply mousse on dry strands. "What the mousse actually does is not only gives the hair memory, so that when I'm curling the hair it will hold better, but it actually gives your hair longevity." Watch the full video at the top for all of Josh's expert tips. Plus, try the effortless look on your own face with the YouCam Makeup app available now for iOS and Android devices.


[MUSIC] Hi, it's Violet with InStyle. I am here with John Frieda hair stylist, Harry Josh. How ya doing? The man behind some of our absolute favorite hair styles. And he's gonna show me how to get really effortless Model off [UNKNOWN] today. That photo of Gigi that we first looking at, her hair kinda looks more kinda cool and effortless. I've done this look on so many models. They just want it to look like they didn't use a curling iron, they just want kind of the bends and kicks and flicks in their hair that make it look like model off duty. Cuz they all seem to have that everywhere you look. So I'm gonna show Urban Home how simple it's gonna be. We've got a good blowout starting, we're gonna start with the center part cuz it's already there. So the first thing you wanna do is kind of divide the hair into fours. I'm gonna use a one inch iron here, this is kind of my hero size, for the iron. So if your hair is processed it's gonna hold a curl differently, if your hair is natural, or virgin hair like yours which has no processing, it will hold a curl differently. And, that's going to make a big difference on how it sets. So, I'm going to hold this up for like three seconds we'll see. Very quick. Very quick. And, already can see the kind of shape its going to be. So, I'm going to continue. This will make more sense as I go around the head. Now what point do I start at? How far down of the hair shaft do you want to start the wave? You know what? For your type of hair because its so long, I say you can go up pretty high. Even if you want movement just on the ends because I know the weight of your length is going to pull it out anyway. So I like to start out about an inch off the scalp, wrapping the hair around, holding it for just a beat as I said, and dropping it. And you see, we're just getting a loose pattern. If you use a big iron, which a lot of women go to the store and say well I would never want it that curly, I want a big iron. Chances are your curl will fall right out. So really, ideally smaller is better. And you control the size by how long you pull it or whether you let it spring up. Now as you work in to the back of the head it's always a little trickier for everyone at home. So I always recommend if you can get a three way mirror it will help you tremendously. It's not as hard as you think if you have a three way mirror. And we're going to be following the same wave pattern we were following in the front. So often, if you've got long hair like yourself, I always recommend you clip this up. Pull it forward and then just wrap it that way. You know another trick to really having hair hold which a lot of people don't realize is product. So I know you came with a blow dry this morning, but then when we prepped you, I put mousse on top of your hair, on dry hair, which you'd never seen before. You're like why are you putting this on my hair when it's dry? It scared me a little. Yeah, you're like, he's putting this on my hair! Well, what the mousse actually does is not ony does it give the hair memory, so when Im curly the hair it will actually hold better, but it actually gives your hair longevity. So that will also allow you to have it for more days because there's product in it. Of course if you're someone who's prone to a greasy root, there's nothing like dry shampoo that just kind of let's us fix the root. So as you can see we've done half the head. The texture's just kind of unfolding here. Looking good. Just loose and effortless here. And we're gonna go to the other side and do the exact same thing. So, one thing I want to show everyone is, on this side, what we didn't talk about is the direction I was going. So, when I was working on that side of the head, I'm gonna walk over just to make everything very clear. When I was on this side of the head, I was wrapping the hair and making sure the tail was at the end of the rod, going this direction. Now, when I go to this side, I'm going to do the exact opposite, and I'm going to wrap the hair...I'll show you right here. I'm gonna wrap the hair this way forward so that the tail is now at the front. Believe it or not this is just a mirror image of the other side so when I let go, they will actually be balanced on both sides. I'm just gonna start shaking out your hair which is typically what I do when I'm done working with the girls. I kinda like to shake their hair out. Gonna mess this whole thing up, just cause I decided we're gonna do that now. So that being said, I'm gonna shake your hair around, try to get some lift and volume in here. And then we're gonna rebend those top pieces. So let's say you've done your hair at home and then you decided, you know what, I want my hair to be fuller, I want it to be bigger, cause I don't have the pieces or I don't wanna wear them, or I just want to feel sexier When you flip it inside, you immediately see we're going against the grain and we're getting a lot of volume. However, this part of the hair was waved to go on that side. So now we've gotta blend it. So we're gonna grab just these top sections here, and we're gonna re-wave these exactly the same way we did on this side here. All right, I think that looks great. [MUSIC]
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