Love Margot Robbie's Metallic Eye? Here's How to Get It 


While Margot Robbie is gearing up to transform into badass villain Harley Quinn in 2016’s Suicide Squad, we’re hoping the Australian actress will showcase her signature shimmery eye when the red carpet premiere rolls around. Robbie knows exactly how to deliver a sexy stare—and her shimmering eye shadow certainly helps the look along.

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To learn how to get Robbie’s sparkle, InStyle’s Special Projects Editor Stephanie Samson met with Jenn Streicher, the makeup pro responsible for helping the actress achieve perfection. In the video, Streicher, who co-owns Striiike beauty salon with sisters Kristie and Ashley, carefully takes Samson through each step of the process. To do so yourself, you’ll need to begin with an eye primer like Sephora Perfecting Eye Primer ($14,, sand-colored and metallic eye shadow crayons, a blending brush, mascara, a lash card, and a black smudge liner like Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner ($20, Watch the video above to adopt all of Streicher’s Robbie-approved secrets.

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[MUSIC] Hi, My name is Jenn Streicher, we're here at Striiike. I'm with my sisters Kristy and Ashley, and we're here to recreate some of our favorite red carpet looks for you. I'm going to recreate an eye that I did on Margot Robbie that I really love. Love it. Okay, so to create the metallic shimmer eye look, what's our first step? The first step is always to prime the eye. So, I'm using this eye primer and basically what this does is just create a blank canvas for you to work from. It also helps the eye shadow to last longer and not crease. And the next thing that I'm going to use are these new eye shadow crayons that I'm obsessed with. They create a really nice subtle shimmer, doesn't have glitter in it but it gives like a nice shimmer to the eye. So I'm going to put this over your whole entire lid. This is just like a sand color. Take your ring finger and just blend it out. Then I'm going to take this nice metallicy color and I'm basically gonna apply it close to your lash line and a little above there and then blend away with my finger. Okay. And then again, just kinda tap it in. And I'm also going to use this underneath, so look up. Okay. I'm going to just put it right along your lash line. And just take your ring finger and blend a little bit. And again to the other side. I'm actually going to take a little bit on a brush and do a little blending underneath. Okay. So the next step is I'm gonna do mascara. And we're gonna do a lot of mascara. I love long full lashes. Long full lashes. Yes. So I'm gonna do your bottom lashes first. So to these bottom lashes, I really like to use the tip of the wand. And you just get right in there And kind if go back and firth and it gets a lot of product right onto the lashes. And then I have this trick for the upper lashes, this handy little card that I like using. Okay. So if you just want to look down a little bit. This really gets a lot of product onto the lashes without Getting mascara on your actual eye. That's perfect. Yeah especially for blonds. It allows you to get right up to tha base of the lashes. Look good on this side. Alright and for the next and final step. Something that I often do for red carpet looks is after I put the mascara on and take a little bit of block smudge liner. okay. And deposit that right onto the lash lines. That sounds amazing. And that basically just makes it pop. I like to use an angled brush We're literally just going to set it right onto the lash line from the beginning of the lash to the end of the lash line. We want to get right in there and voila. Oh wow, that's amazing! Real pretty right? [CROSSTALK] Do you feel like Margo Robinson. I feel like Margo Robinson. Thank you. You're welcome.
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