Our Super-Easy Tutorial for Getting Effortless Waves

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When it’s time to find a fix for flat hair, celebrities turn to stylist Anh Co Tran. Known for creating effortless, lived-in waves, Tran, who co-owns Ramirez | Tran Salon, has worked with stars like Coco Rocha and Emily Ratajkowski, and collaborated with brands such as Dior, Chanel, and Gucci. 

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To learn the secret to mastering Tran’s signature look, InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large, Kahlana Barfield, met with the stylist. In the video above, he suggests using a styling wand and alternating the wraps to ensure that curls fall into each other for maximum dimension. Tran finishes with a texture spray like Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray ($27, sephora.com), for lift, and a serum, like Living Proof Satin Hair Serum ($29, sephora.com), to separate ends. Watch the video above to see Tran’s exact technique. 

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[MUSIC] Okay, so what's the first step? So the first step is I usually do the front piece. And I usually start from the bottom working the way up. Why is that? Well I think showing the front is easier. At home. Just in case you guys get tired towards growing the back. It's done. Mm-hm. So first you want to section off the bottom piece. Okay. And then we're going to wrap that forward. Okay. to create a way that goes towards the face and not hugs the neck. Okay. And then the next one is going to go away. Okay? Okay. And then the next one is going to go forward. Okay, so you're alternating. Alternating. Direction. The reason why you alternate is because the curls will fall in each other in different direction and that creates dimension. Okay. So you start at the middle of the hair shaft. Yes.>> Okay. The reason why I'm starting in the middle is because I wanted to leave the ends up. Okay. So you start from the ends, you're gonna curl the ends. Okay. So you leave the ends out. Okay. And if the ends gets like a little not fresh, freshen it up, okay? Okay. So that's one section, so this is going forward. Okay. So your next section, it's gonna go back. And again, starting from the mid shaft and leaving the ends out. Leaving the ends out, okay. And usually bangs or sweeping bangs, I don't wanna, I don't like to make it too curly. Right. So I just like to kick it a little bit back. Okay. Okay, and now I'm gonna go on to the other side. And now I'm going to do the back. [MUSIC] When I'm doing this myself at home I never how to hold the curling iron. Okay, I think it's easier if you always hold it downwards. If you're on this side you want to hold it downward like this. And then if you're on this side switch your hand And then going this way. Okay. So you wrap it, and you're always pulling the hair out. Okay, pull it down, like tug on the end? Exactly. Okay. And you have the gloves. So the gloves won't hurt your hands, your fingers. The gloves that come with the wand? They have those. Yes, they're heat protected gloves. Okay. Now that we've finished a whole head, we're gonna use products to accentuate the texture and bring out the separation. And so I'm gonna use a texture spray to give that second day Fill and to give it some lift and body onto the hair. Shake it really well. So mainly in the roots, and it doesn't have to be directly to the roots. This is not a dry shampoo. And last but not least I like to use a little bit of serum to give the hair a little bit more separation on the ends. Go in and And, scrunch it. Yeah, don't be afraid that you're gonna like, mess up the wave. No. Ok. I think, I think now is already set, you can't mess it up. Ok. Last but not least, I'm gonna take a brush and then just smooth our ends, just to separate. So this is the final look. What do you think? I love it, and I'm going to remember when I do it at home to use a styling wand instead of a curling iron and hold it downward and alternate the direction of the wave. Right? Right I got it! Awesome!
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