Kim Kardashian's Hairstylist Demos How to Get Her Textured Waves Using a Flatiron


Despite how effortless Kim Kardashian's beach waves might look, the star is armed with an arsenal of tips and tricks thanks in large park to her hairstylist, Jen Atkin. We asked Atkin take us step-by-step through creating the signature look when she sat down with InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large, Kahlana Barfield. Her motto when it comes to styling? “Less is more,” she explains, which thankfully means the look is far easier to DIY than you might expect. You’ll simply need to arm yourself with a salt spray, like Sachajuan Ocean Mist ($30,, a dry texture spray such as Oscar Blandi’s Pronto Texture and Volume Spray ($24,, and a light styling cream. Watch the video above to see her genius flatiron technique for creating Kardashian-worthy waves.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kahlana with InStyle, and I am here today with celebrity hair stylist, Jen Atkin. And she's the woman behind Kim Kardashian's texture waves, and she's going to teach us how to get them. [MUSIC] Okay Jen, so everyone wants this hair, and it looks so effortless, but there is work that actually goes into creating it. What's the key? I think less is more, this is kind of like, the model off duty hair, I said model on duty because models are never off duty. Okay, so what's the first step? So the first step is I prepped your hair with Ocean Mist by Sachajuan. It's basically a salt spray. You can make this at home if you want to do a little bit of conditioner with warm water and a tiny bit of salt. Okay. So you'll take your hair, and I always part it into four sections. Just take the flat iron, I start by going under at the root and come away. I go up in the center part and then I come down And make it really, really nice and flat and smooth at the bottom. Okay. Now this is a completely different look than you would get if you use a styling wand, right? Yes, because I want it to look really natural, I tend to notice that with the flat iron it just creates that really cool loose bend. And the great thing about this Is I think everybody's so into the shorter hair. Everybody loves the lob. I call it the power lob and I think sometimes you can feel like you're stuck in a rut with the same hairstyle. So it's a really nice option for girls to have. It's really easy to do at home. This looks pretty easy from the side but what about the back? You're going to basically take the back part. You're going to bring it forward. If you have those ends really nice and straight and you can see the nice blunt line of your haircut, it's going to look super-polished and really cool. What about the front of the face? I always find that a bit challenging because it's waved a little bit differently and the length varies depending on your cut. So how do you blend that with the rest of the wave? Well, it's really important to pay attention to the front. I like to just kind of keep a nice pattern going throughout the rest of the hair. If your fringe length is from your cheekbone and longer, I like to just kinda take the whole section. And you're gonna start by going And under at the root. All the way to the mid part of the bang. And right around your eye line is when you're going to come up and out, and just make sure it stays in pattern with the rest the hair. So when you're done if you feel like it's feeling a little too wavy the best thing to do is just to kinda take anything you're not feeling good about, just kind of play with it. For a client that has really fine to medium hair I usually recommend doing a dry texture spray or a dry shampoo just to really give it nice fullness, and then we add in the pieciness at the end. If you have fine or medium hair you're going to want to use something that's a little lighter so almost like a. Styling cream. Some sort of a setting lotion. Always start in the back. Okay. Underneath. Always, always. And then for the side what I'll do is take the whole side section. Make a really light twist. Bring my palms really flat. And just rub the product out towards the bottom. And just shake it out. [MUSIC] And another trick. I love my little gold toothbrush. So you have a toothbrush I think just spraying it with some hairspray. And if you have any like you know, flyaways. Anything that you wanna get. Toothbrushes work wonders. [MUSIC]
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