Video: Kim Kardashian's Signature Contour Is Easier Than We Thought

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If you're like most of us, you've probably watched countless of hours of YouTube videos only to find that you still haven't grasped the art of contouring. Well that all ends today. We've enlisted the help of one of Kim Kardashian's favorite makeup artists, Mario Dedivanovic, to show us how to easily master the skill on your own.

"I know it seems very intimidating to most women at home, but it really shouldn't be," explains Dedivanovic. The expert has even sculpted the face of Jennifer Lopez, and his work speaks for itself.

For this tutorial he started by explaining, "I'm going to show you a really easy and quick way to do it today using powders." Dedivanovic suggests using a product that is about three shades deeper than your natural skin tone.

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In each scene you'll see him chisel the cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin of InStyle's Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large, Kahlana Barfield Brown. Plus, the makeup pro gives a few bonus tips on complementing the contour with highlight at the end of the video. Press play at the top for all of the easy-to-follow steps.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm [UNKNOWN] with InStyle and I'm here with celebrity makeup artist Mario [UNKNOWN] aka makeup by Mario. And he's going to teach us an easy way to get Kim Kardashians signature contour. [MUSIC] Okay Mario, so contouring is such a big trend right now, but it seems so complicated. For the average person, what is the easiest way to get this look without spending so much time on your face.>>There are ways to do contouring that are very quick and easy, I know it seems very intimidating to most women at home, but it really shouldn't be and I'm gonna show you a really quick Quick and easy way to do it using powder set. Okay, so what's the first step? Well, first of all, I put a little foundation and I set her face with powder as a base, the next step is going to be to choose a powder or bronzer, with no shimmer in it, that's two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone and then you can always build. It's harder to take away and it's easier to build with makeup. So, I'm using about three shades deeper than your skin tone right now. Okay. And, as you guys can see at home, I put a little bit on this side already. I'm just gonna go over that. It's right along the hollows of the cheeks using a brush. If you can suck in your cheekbones a little bit. Yeah, that'll kinda guide you. And this is creating a shadow and it's thinning out the face. Cuz contouring is like a diet for the face. We're gonna go along the other side here, hollows of her cheeks. And as I'm applying it, I'm actually blending it a little bit as well so you don't want any harsh lines. So what this is doing is, one it's thinning out her cheek bones and it's also adding warmth to her skin. Okay, so after you contour the cheekbones, what's the next step.?>> So what I like to do is take the leftover from the brush, not dipping into the powder again, cuz I like the contour to be more natural in the forehead area, I'm going to now sweep it along the hairline on the forehead. This is going to thin out, shorten, and add warmth to the forehead area. Again, you wanna blend as you're applying. So, should everyone contour their forehead? No, not everyone should contour their forehead. For example, there are different shaped faces. If someone has a very short forehead, you don't want to apply any contour to this area, because it's going to really shorten it. And if someone has a very thin forehead, you don't want to apply any contour to the sides here, because it's going to make it even thinner. So it really depends on the face. I would use just a little bit of Just for more for warmth than to actually change the shape of the face. It also looks really great in pictures and selfies. And that's important. That's very important. [LAUGH] Okay, so cheekbones, forehead, what's next? Next is along the jaw line and underneath the chin Okay. So what this is going to do, you take a little bit of the product. Again, you don't have to add more product, you can take the leftover from cheeks, and you apply it along the jaw line. This is going to thin out the jaw line and, you don't have a double chin, but if you have a double chin, it helps to get rid of that. So we're going along the jaw line now using the contour powder, the same same shade that we used on the forehead and long the cheekbones And I'm going to apply some right down into her neck area, too. Start out using just a very little bit, and then add, if you need some more color. Now, how do you know if it's too much? You want the contour to kind of blend into the skin, the darker shade into the lighter shade. Okay. If you're starting to see a very visible line, Then it's not good. Okay. And what type of brush do you suggest using with a powder? You can use any brush you feel comfortable with. It shouldn't be too big or it shouldn't be too small. So after I've contoured her forehead now, her jaw line, her cheek bones, I'm gonna go along to the nose. For the nose, I like to personally use a shade that's a little bit lighter than the rest of the contour, because you really don't want visible lines on the nose. So I like to start out very, very soft contour on the nose. Using a smaller brush like this one I start out right below where the brows are and then I just take it and come down. So what this is doing here is it's thinning out the nose. If you apply the contour to the bottom area here that shortens the nose. So that's really it with contour just a quick easy and simple way to do it at home. Now what about highlight? Because that's something I hear a lot of as well. Yeah, highlighting goes really well with contour. So I'll show you a quick and easy way to do highlight. I'm going to highlight the bridge of your nose and your cheekbones. Okay. Make those cheekbones pop. Using a highlighter, which is basically a lighter shade with a little bit of a sheen to it, On your skin tone, I'm gonna use a golden under tone. Smile. Apply some right to the apple of the cheeks and then rub it upwards. And this looks especially beautiful in the evening and again photos really beautiful. So I've highlighted the cheek bones, I'm gonna take a little bit of that highlighter now and I'm gonna highlight. The bridge of the nose with the same highlighter. Gonna take the leftover apply it to right underneath the brow bow. And put a little bit on the cupid's bow. Take a little bit of a clean brush and just blend it. Again, cuz you don't wanna see any harsh lines. So now that we've done contouring and highlighting, I'm gonna kinda tie it all in together with a little bit of blush. Using a basic blush brush and this is like a peachy blush which looks great with your skin tone. And I'm just applying it literally to the cheek bones here and blending it a little bit up to the cheek area [INAUDIBLE]. Now what color do you suggest for someone with lighter skin? I like pinks and peaches a lot, so I think depending on your skin, I think with medium to dark skin, peach colors look really great with a little bit of a red undertone and maybe a shimmer too with golden undertones. And then lighter skin tones look really good with soft peaches or pinks. [UNKNOWN] that was super easy and I feel like I could totally do this at home myself. Thank you so much for teaching us how to On tour. Thanks for having me. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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