This DIY Video Will Have You Rocking a Crown Braid in 4 Minutes Flat

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Now that the mercury is officially rising past 70-degrees each day, it’s time to adopt the summer ‘do that’ll not only keep you cool, but make you look like the coolest woman in the room. For inspiration, we turned to Downton Abbey actress Joanne Froggatt’s crown braid.

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The stunner rocked the look at this year’s Golden Globes and left us with no other choice than to test the braid ourselves. InStyle’s Special Projects Editor Stephanie Samson met with Ashley Streicher, the pro responsible for Froggatt’s interlocking strands, to learn how to recreate the red carpet favorite. Streicher, who co-owns Striiike beauty salon with sisters Kristie and Jenn, begins the process by applying Bumble and Bumble hair spray ($30, to achieve lived-in texture. In the video, she then parts Samson’s hair, creates two tightly wound braids, and adds a thickening powder, like Unite’s Expanda Dust ($32,, to each braid. Watch the video above to see the final easy-to-follow steps.

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[MUSIC] Hi my name is Jen Striker, we're here at Strike and with my sisters Christie and Ashley. And we're here to recreate some of our favorite red carpet looks for you. I'm gonna show you guys the coolest braided crown. I love that. Yeah, Joanne [UNKNOWN] Okay, so to get this obtainable braided up-do, what's our first step? Well you've started great so far. Clean dry hair is the way to start, but then we wanna go through and dirty it up and texturize it up, so you have some good texture to start with. Okay, great. So I start with [UNKNOWN], or any kind of root texturizing spray, just to give you some lived in texture. So do you spray this all over the hair? I like to just do it all over, yeah. But it also gives your pins something to grip to. For Joanne's look we did have like a slightly off center part, so I'm just going to leave the part where it is. And then I just take a very light parting in the back and make it look loose, section off your hair into two parts, and then we're just going to start your first braid just right over the ear. And you know what? I know you're worried about messy, but messy is good in this case. It's good to do your braid sort of on the tighter side to start because we're gonna go back through and sort of mess it up a little bit. So start tight, and then you're just gonna tie it off with a clear rubber band. One down, one to go? One down, one to go. So now that we have both of our braids, I like to go through with, this is like a [UNKNOWN]. Okay. And it's just another type of thickening spray. But it's a powder so, I powder my braid. Directly on it. And then sort of pull it apart, and what it does, it gives you texture. But it also gives you hold, so that your hair doesn't slip out of the braid either. [MUSIC] So I usually like to start from the bottom because that's where it's the loosest and start pulling it apart and then work your way up the braid. Okay. Once we have our braids the way we like them, we're gonna go through with either. Hair pin, which I like to use for braids, because you can put them in. Okay. Slide them against your scalp. They're very, very easy. Or a bobby pin, which you're all familiar with. And you're just going to make sure your hair is how you want it in the front. And then sort of fold over I'm gonna start pinning you. [MUSIC] So then we you come over to this side, same thing but we're gonna try to hide this braid underneath it. This is another good time to use a regular hair pin. Okay. And just slide it in there. And then you can do your finishing work. If you want it a little it looser you can continue pulling it out. Depending on how long your hair is. I like to pull some front pieces out, give you some texture here. And then I just go over it with a spray. And she's got a nice chic button neck v, little updo. Amazing. It look like you spent a lot of time on it. But it's very easy. Oh my gosh I love it, this is such a fun look and you could totally do it at home. It's just braids. And it looks- I'm so different. Chic, but it's sort of undone. Yeah. Love it. Thank you so much! You look so cute! Great. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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