Video: Get Jessica Alba's Bold Bordeaux Lip with These Easy-to-Follow Steps


Wintertime is the perfect season to swap your usual bright red lipstick for a darker, warmer shade à la Jessica Alba. InStyle's Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large, Kahlana Barfield, sat down with one Alba's favorite makeup artists, Lauren Andersen, to find out how to easily achieve the dramatic lip stain. "It's a really fast way to bump up your look," Andersen said. Plus, the vamp color will work well with most complexions. "If you have a great smile let's draw attention to it rather than [focusing on] 'What skin color do I have?'"

"The first step is having really great, conditioned lips." Andersen then applied the color to Barfield's lips with a small brush to increase precision. "I start in the center and then kind of build my way out, and make sure the edges are nice and clean." Andersen applied the Avon Beyond Color Lipstick in Revenge ($8; to Barfield's pucker, and even demoed how to prevent from getting stains on your teeth. Watch the video above to learn her trick—and see all of the simple steps.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kalana with InStyle, and I'm here today with makeup artist Lauren Andersen. And she's gonna teach us how to get Jessica Alba's gorgeous Bordeaux lips. I love a Bordeaux, or any sort of like deep line, especially for fall, it's something I look forward to all year. It's a really fast way to bump up your look. And, do you feel like this is a shade any woman can pull off depending on your, no matter what your complexion is? Yeah, I think most complexions, or almost all, can and should wear this color. It think it's more of, do you have a great smile and let's draw attention to it, rather than what skin color do I have. What's the first step to achieving this The first step is having really great conditioned lips you don't want to have a chappy lip and then draw attention to it. << Okay, so you do suggest exfoliating or using chapstick or using some sort of ointment. << All of it, especially when we have the heaters going or air conditioners or anything like that its super drying so you want to stay on top of moisturizing lip exfoliant is really good I honestly take my toothbrush in the morning and will kind of brush over my lips As well, so those are some tricks. So what are you going to do on me today? Are you gonna use lip liner or no lip liner? I'm just gonna go ahead and use a brush, apply your lipstick, blot it and then reapply. Okay, so let's go through it. Okay, great. Okay, some people recommend applying lipstick straight from the tube and others recommend using a lip brush. What's the benefit, Of using the lip brush. I do both. When I apply on myself I go straight from the tube, it's just faster and quicker, and I know my lips. But when I'm working on somebody or with a client, I like using a brush for precision and just get that really nice crisp edge. Okay. So I'm gonna go ahead and apply this gorgeous color on your beautiful smile. And I start in the center and I kind of build my way out and make sure the edges are nice and clean. This is an Avon Beyond color lipstick called Revenge. I love it, it's super hydrating. And it gives your lip an instant plump. [MUSIC] I like the black lipstick because it diffuses the edges and makes them nice and soft. And then I go in and I punch up the center of the lips. Okay, and does that also help with staying power? Yes. Okay. So go ahead and blot. Okay. Coat two. And then in coat two. So yeah, this time I'm just putting it in the middle of the lip, keeping those edges soft so they don't travel. I often get what I call lunch-lip where it ends up on my chin but it helps prevent that, too. We also have to be aware of not getting it on your teeth because that's also not good, too. How do you avoid that? I do that old school, like [SOUND] pop. [SOUND] Yep. [LAUGH] Okay, what does that do? It just pulls out any product from the center. Oh cool, I didn't know that. [LAUGH] And now you have a beautiful border lip. Thank you. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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