Jennifer Lopez's Makeup Artist Demos How to Get Lashes Just Like Hers


Celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle is the secret weapon behind Jennifer Lopez’s long, lush eyelashes, and he's sharing the formula for achieving her look. In the video above, he explains to InStyle’s fashion and beauty editor at large, Kahlana Barfield, that the process begins with a clear, flexible band lash like Make Up Forever Eyelashes Strip ($16, Buckle suggests measuring the band against the eye to make sure it’s not too long—but be careful of over-trimming, he cautions, which will "remove all the glamour from your look." To learn the rest of Buckle’s tricks, watch the full video above.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm [UNKNOWN] with InStyle and I'm here with celebrity makeup artist Kristofer Buckle and he's gonna show us how to get JLo's lush lashes [MUSIC] Okay, Chris. I love the look of these lashes that you've given JLo, but trying to do it myself just seems like a nightmare. What's the easiest way for a girl at home to do this herself? Well, you know there's always the individual lash, but it takes a lot of practice and a lot of finagling. So the easiest way to get it quickly is a band lash like these. And Jennifer does wear a band lash quite often. So you can get these from the drug store? Yes but I would definitely advise getting a clear band because they'll be a lot more flexible and easier to adhere to the eye. When you're taking your lashes off the tray you really want to make sure you're careful. So I like to bend the tray like that and then gently from the outside remove the lash. OK, so what's the first step? I think that its important to measure the lash against your eye first to make sure that the band It isn't too long for her eye. If the band does need to be trimmed you trim from the outside. But you don't want to over trim either because then you're going to remove all the glamour from your look. We don't want that. No. [LAUGH] Now when you're putting glue on the lash use the smallest amount just so that you can see it. Just a nice thin line not too goopy. The trick is to wait. You wanna wait, about a minute. Okay. It makes the glue sticky and tacky. This way when you place it, it sticks right away.Otherwise it's gonna be very clumsy and it's gonna start moving and if you're not used to doing it on yourself it's really going to be difficult and very messy. Another trick is if your eyelid is very curved and arched, if you go like this and kind of Soften the band and curve it even more. Mmhm See it makes it more curved. Mmhm It's going to lay on your eye a lot easier. More comfortably? Yes. It'll just become the shape of your eye. Okay, you just look down and just apply them as close to the lash line as- Possible. Open. And when you see the glue and it's wet, it's going to look white like this, but then it dries clear so you don't have to worry about it. Look down. Now you just make sure that your ends are down as it dries. But yours are staying nicely. Let me see. We'll just try to get them as close to the natural lash line as possible. And sometimes you can just kinda pinch them with your natural lashes and it brings them down as close as they can be. Let's see. So it's great, perfect. I'm gonna do the other eye now. [MUSIC] So how do you suggest for someone at home whose putting these lashes on. How do you look in the mirror and look down at the same time? You wont really be looking down completely. Your eye will be in the position of looking down, but you'll be looking into the mirror. Because you're gonna have your head back like this and you're gonna put your elbow way up Okay. When your chin is way up then your eyelids are exposed. Look that way. Let me see. Look down. I'm just gonna pinch the lashes together. I'm kind of fanatical about this part. Let me see. Look down. Good. I'm gonna let that glue dry, and then it'll be clear. Okay. What about mascara? Okay. Well, mascara is a great tool to bridge your lashes into the false lash. So after your lashes are on and the glue is dried and it's clear, you know it's time for the mascara. It also can add an extra coat of drama to even the false lash. So, look down, and just carefully brush them together. And it kind of acts like a glue for your lashes to become one with the false lash. [MUSIC] If you bring the mascara all the way through the tips of the lashes it's just going to magnify, thicken up the ends so that you really see the shape that you've created with the false lash. Am I giving you J-Lo? Oh your giving us a lot of things honey. A lot of things and they're all good. Thank you. You're looking gorgeous. [MUSIC]
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