Here's How to Get Jennifer Hudson's Pixie Crop—Without Cutting Your Hair


Once you’ve given your hair stylist the green light to chop off the locks you’ve grown for years, there’s no turning back. And while cutting your hair into a new pixie cut like Jennifer Hudson’s can be rewarding, there’s actually no need to take drastic measures. In the video above, celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright quickly gives InStyle’s fashion and beauty editor at large, Kahlana Barfield, a style similar to Hudson's that she can transition in and out of. The secret? Wigs. Wright tucks Barfield’s natural hair into special cap and then applies a perfectly matching wig onto her head. She then explains how to easily mold the piece to frame your face. Watch the video above to see all of Wright’s tricks in detail.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Colana with In Style and I'm here with celebrity hair stylist Kaya Wright and she's gonna give me that cute pixie cut that she's been giving on girls like Tyra Banks and Jennifer Hudson. And guess what? I don't even have to cut my hair. Okay Kia, how are you going to do this without actually cutting my hair? Well for me, that's the fun part. You can have longer hair, you don't have to wait anymore. You can do extensions but wigs are the big thing right now and I'm not even calling it wigs anymore. I'm calling them hair accessories. Okay so what's the first step? Alright one of the things you want to do is because your hair is medium length, bob length, part it straight down the center of your head. And you want to criss cross it really, really tight so that you get this really tight foundation. And what you want to do at the point is take some bobby pins and just pin it. And what I like to do is I like to give it a little bit of a bend. So here we go. Okay, so now that you have your foundation nice and flat, you can pretty much go for your wig cap. Alright, so hold the front close to the face, and I'm going to quickly put it on. So now that you have your foundation nice and flat, everything's nice and tight, now [MUSIC] We can go for a hair piece. Woo. Yeah, right. So, you grab the front hair line. Okay. Hold it down really tight. Now, what we do is we just pull it over really nice and tight and you wanna make sure they have these little latches right around the ear. They kinda bend inward, giving you that nice tightness right around the ear. Look at her, she's cute already. [LAUGH] Alright, so now, we go to cut it. And one of the things about when you cut hairpieces, my favorite, is to always cut with a razor, so that you don't get those blunt lines and choppiness everywhere, and you really keep a real softness and effect to the haircut. In your case, you really have The perfect face shape for bangs. This is really your cut. So did you really cut :Tyra's hair, or is it a wig? That's the question everybody always asks. She actually really did cut her hair. I feel like a pixie cut is really the easiest way just to update your look. If you wanna go for it and completely make a change It's the way to go. It really is. I mean, it's so a fresh start and it's so right now. RIght. That's the good thing about wearing hair accessories is that you just don't have to wait. You don't have to wait for that big day, that big moment you can just Pull her out of the closet and voila! [LAUGH] So you're giving me bangs, but you can really do any style with Pixie Cut with a wig. You sure can. And like I said, it just really depends on your face shape, because it's all about you. Even like I said, you can go to your beauty supply store and find a hair piece. And they're already pre-cut, but you can just add a little bit more [UNKNOWN]. I like to give it a little bit of bump, just so I can get that shape nice and tight. Okay. Tight around the neck, tight around the face. And then I put that stank on. Okay. And what's the stank? That's when you use the flat iron- Pull out the flat iron, put a little hairspray. Okay. And just give you that [INAUDIBLE] [FOREIGN] Okay. You know? Yes. I'm put a little slack on it. Here we go. And really I just like to. I don't really use a lot of products. So this look it's flexible and that's the good thing about it. I go for straight and I add a few little slippies just to give it a little bit of direction and texture. Right. [MUSIC] All right. It is quite a change, Ms. Colana. Are you ready, girl? Are you ready? [LAUGH] I'm ready. All right. Here's that wallah. Okay. All right. Take a look. I'm nervous. You nervous? Here you go. Oh my god. I feel like a new woman. Cute. It's so cute, right? It's cute. It's different. It's so different. I have never done anything like this. Cute little pixie cut. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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