Video: How to Get Jennifer Aniston's Sleek Blowout, Straight from Her Stylist

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We'll admit it—we're beyond envious of Jennifer Aniston's hair. What's not to love about the star's signature sleek blowout that works just as well for a casual day as it does for a red carpet event? And try as we might, we've never been able to get the look just right—until now.

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Chris McMillan has been the man responsible for Aniston's mane since the days of the "Rachel" hairdo and is also one of the actress's best friends and her Living Proof business partner. The hairdresser let InStyle in on just how the recreate that straight and sleek ’do. The secret? Living Proof's No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream ($36; and Straight hair protectant spray ($29;, as well as a round hair brush, blow dryer, and straightener. Watch the video above to see exactly how to get Jenn's signature blowout.

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I'm Chris McMillan. I'm here in Venice Beach on a photo shoot for InStyle magazine with Jennifer Aniston. As you know, I've been Jennifer's hair for over 20 years. We met when she was doing the pilot of Friends. That's when I gave her The Rachel. Her favorite haircut. [LAUGH] We've been best friends ever since. Today, I'm gonna do a classic Jennifer Aniston sleek, straight blow dry. This is Chelsea. Chelsea's got really nice hair as it is. Jennifer's natural texture is wavy. You can scrunch it and make it curly, or you can blow it with a big round brush, and make it sleek and straight. Chelsea already has sleek, straight hair, so what I'm gonna do, is I'm gonna add some Living Proof products to her hair, some of our favorites for this particular look, which is a no frizz styling nourishing cream, and. Straight which is a hair protectant spray that I follow with a flat iron. It protects the hair from the flat iron as well as keeps moisture out of the hair and repels dirt and helps keep the hair straight and shiny longer. Section the hair off in nice one inch sections. Like this. Clip it up. What I like about Ibiza brushes is they are soft bristles, but there's a lot of them. So they grasp onto the hair without ripping the hair out. And I usually go from underneath, and I take the blow dryer and I blow underneath, up first. [MUSIC] And then I follow it through. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna flat iron the ends. I don't like to, to flat iron from the root. I like to flat iron pretty much from about two inches from the root down, living proof straight. It's a heat protecting spray. And what it does is, it helps protect the ends from the heat as well as add shine, and also protects the hair. [MUSIC]. So, there you go Chelsea. What do you think? Thank you. I love it. Nice, sleek, straight, healthy, shiny hair. It's so soft. [MUSIC]
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