Video: Get Jennifer Aniston's Signature Blowout with a Few Easy Steps

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Jennifer Aniston has been giving us major hair envy for decades with her amazing blowouts. Those famous blonde strands have been an inspiration to so many that it's been one of those evergreen hallmarks of good hair. So in a burst of "we can do this!", we enlisted the help of Living Proof Celebrity Stylist, Chris McMillan, and he demonstrated the easy to follow steps to achieving a perfect blowout after every single wash. 

InStyle's Fashion and Beauty Editor-At-Large Kahlana Barfield Brown was excited to find out that his method is pretty simple. "The key thing that I found really impressive is that you didn't really use any tools besides a blow dryer," she aid. That's right, all you'll need is a blow dryer and a round brush. 

There aren't any fancy techniques; It's all about making sure the hair is properly prepared. McMillan explained, "The key to this, first of all, is a really good shampoo and conditioner." The expert wasn't shy about sharing his professional secrets. Press play at the top to learn how he does it.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm [UNKNOWN] with In Style, and I'm here with Jennifer Aniston's hairstylist, Chris McMillan. Chris is gonna show how to get his signature loose blowout. [MUSIC] Ok, Chris, tell us what the first step is to get this amazing blowout that you gave me. The key being that I found very impressive was that you didn't really use any tools beside a blow dryer. And a round brush. And I think the key to this, first of all the perfect shampoo and conditioner. Ok. We're doing so many beachy waves now, so many different textures. I am liking kind of, a looser, softer wave, and less manufactured looking. Mm hm. And so I do it with round brushes. I take a section, blow dry that base forward, and then direct the heat on it. And then curl it towards the ends like that. And what I'll do a lot of times is then I'll brush it out. So you'll get not a curl but sort of that, I like to call, a little like retro wave. A little more Brigitte Bardot-ey, and then The ends kinda flick out. What I do also is I blow dry the under sections all straight. They kinda graduate up from being straight on the bottom. Mm-hm. To a wave on top. And then I start my curls really low. And do you think that just using a round brush and using a blow dryer gives a softer effect than if you were to use a curling iron, or- Absolutely. And, you can make it a little bit tighter cuz they're gonna loosen up, same as a curling iron. What's the easiest way for a woman to do this at home? I mean, obviously blow drying your own hair can be complicated. The most important is to start with sections. Okay. Pin that up and do your underneath sections first. As you can see, I did my first section is straight and the second section in here is a low curl with a bend. And then I graduated to the top and I get a little bit more curl. And then that top one right here. Just a little bit more curl, so they graduate up. So do it in graduations. Okay. Now is there a product out that you use to set it or keep it in place? Hairspray. Okay. I'm old school, I like hairspray. Okay. And I also like to use a little serum, not too much, but the satin is really nice. One squirt I rub it in my hands And start. Look down. I always push. I like how Victoria's Secret models, they always split their hair down the middle and they pull it all forward. And then I grab the hair and pull it, Through the ends like this. [MUSIC] It feels really light. I think this might be my favorite blowout so far [LAUGH]. Thank you so much, Chris. My gosh! My pleasure. Thank you for having me.
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