Video: Jennifer Aniston's Hairstylist Shows You How to Recreate Her Messy Braided Updo

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Just like when she chooses not to wear one of her signature LBDs, whenever Jennifer Aniston decides to ditch her straight locks in favor of a different hairdo, we take notice. And one of her favorite ways to switch it up is with a braid. Aniston has rocked both a messy fishtail braid and a bohemian french braid, and we have to say, a plait never looked so good.

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Luckily, Aniston's longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan (he's the one responsible for the "Rachel") gave us the lowdown on how to create an effortless braided up do à la Jen. Get all the details in the video above.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Chris McMillan. And I'm gonna show you how to do a quick up-do, which is a braid, a braid that I've done on Jennifer Anniston, and quick, easy, natural, beautiful way to wear your hair up. Okay, what I'm gonna do first, is I'm gonna use living proof flex hairspray. To roughen up the hair. And what we're gonna do is, we're gonna do kind of a French braid, messy look, on Chelsea's hair. You can see all the texture that hair spray gives your hair. Divide the hair into three sections. And I don't want it to be too precious. Cuz that never looks good. And just kind of keep adding, you pull pieces from side to side, doesn't need to be perfect, if pieces are falling out, that's better. We love that. Jennifer hates precious hairstyles, especially if she's gonna wear her hair up, she likes them to look a little more messy and lived-in. And, and sexier. So there it is. What I do is I take the bottom and I roll it up and tuck it in underneath. And I secure it with two little plastic clips like this. Take one from each side, go from underneath, just kind of dig it through, weave it through hair. Find your way to the scalp, and what I do is I kind of start grabbing hair. I like that. Pull some pieces around the base. Finish it with hairspray again and let it have some texture. You know, the messier the better [MUSIC] This is really easy to do. It's a simple french braid. Roughen the hair up with Flex hairspray by Living Proof. Up hair is no longer a ballerina bun, [LAUGH] it's now, messy hair. You like it? I love it. Yeah not bad. [MUSIC]
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