Watch: How to Recreate Iggy Azalea's Pompadour Ponytail 

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As celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright explains in the video above, the only two products you need to recreate Iggy Azalea’s pompadour ponytail are hairspray and a wax-like formula like Tigi’s Bed Head Hair Stick ($9.99, So can you pull off the same ‘do that on-stage divas like Azalea are so accustomed to? “That’s the thing about celebrities, they always want to go big, but for the everyday woman, I know how to bring it down,” Wright tells InStyle’s special projects editor Stephanie Samson. The pro’s tips include beginning the process by curling the hair for a tousled, lived-in look, and making sure to give your ponytail plenty of volume at the end. Watch the full video above to nail the sporty-glam look for yourself!

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Stephanie from InStyle and I'm here with celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright. And today she's going to show us how to get the Pompadore Meets Ponytail that she did for Iggy Azalea. [MUSIC] Okay, so Iggy Azalea rocks this look really well, but she's on the stage all the time. Can I pull this off in everyday life? Of course you can. That's the thing about celebrities, they always wanna go big. But for the everyday woman, I know how to bring it down. Perfect. All right? [LAUGH] So what's the first step? First things first is I like to curly everything all over with a one inch barrel And really, I just want to just give it a little bit of top, and a little bit of curl to give that pony tail some volume. And this step really doesn't involve any product, any hair sprays, or anything like that. In this case for a pony tale and a pompadour all I need is like two products, a hair spray and a little bit of a toncho stick. Something that keeps those sides nice and glazed and smooth, so that you get that tight Finished pony tail look. Okay, so everything is all curled now. So this gives the pony tail some nice texture all over in the pony tail. So now what I like to do is take the section a little bit above the temples on each side. And this is the start of your pompadour. And basically what I do with that section is I take that section. And I just pin it away. [MUSIC] After you section each side, basically what you wanna do is focus now on your ponytail. You take two bobby pins, You put it on each side. Oh. Homemade bungy. Exactly. I like it. And you can make your own homemade bungy. So what you want to do is I like to use a little bit of like a wax. A wax fit especially in your case because you have lot fly aways. Right. So you want to use something that's waxy in texture And a little bit of aerosol too. And I like everything to be really lightweight and just give it that nice and smooth look. So that when you brush your ponytail in everything is nice and smooth. Sometimes you don't want to use too much hairspray because then it's not as moveable but the wax is just moveable enough. So what you do with your little homemade bungee is you wanna take one part of the bobby pin, stick it in at the base, pull it around nice and tight. Nice and tight. And what this does, is just gives you such a good grip, and it doesn't move as you're trying to put your pony tail in, and voila. So in this case, we're gonna do a French braid. Now, you could play around and you could do any sort of braids at the top that you like. You can do two, you can do one skinny and two fuller ones. In this case we're gonna do a French, which is where the braid lays inside. But you can also do a cornrow, where the braid lays outside as well. It really is up to you. It's your choice. [MUSIC] And if you notice, I'm really just pulling pieces nice and gentle, just really picking everything up nice and gentle, and just braid it all the way to the ends. [MUSIC] So what do you do with the end of the braid? How do you connect both pieces? Okay so that's where we cover that bungee right here with the ends of the French braid. Nice and tight. [MUSIC] Using your hair pins. [MUSIC] And then I just sorta tuck the ends under the braid so that you don't see it at all. So after you wrap everything around the ponytail nice and tight now you just focus on your ponytail. If you want it to have a little bit more juge Because we took away like half, a quarter of your hair. Right. So you want your ponytail to still feel like it has some volume. So I give it a little bit of a tease at the base, a little bit of light hair spray and voila. There you have it. Got my pomp-pony. Got your pomp-pony! [MUSIC]
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