Emma Stone's Signature Coral Lip Is This Easy to DIY


From the Lanvin jumpsuit she wore to the Golden Globes to beautiful green Elie Saab gown she sported at the Oscars, Emma Stone was hands-down one of the best dressed actresses to make her fashionable way into awards season earlier this year. While her fashions of choice were all standouts, it was Stone’s coral lip that continuously caught our eye.

InStyle’s special projects editor, Stephanie Samson, met with the woman responsible for Stone’s signature lip look, Rachel Goodwin, to learn just how to recreate it. The celebrity makeup pro begins by applying a bright coral pink color to the entire lip with a pencil like Chanel’s Le Crayon Lèvres Precision Lip Definer in Rouge Candy ($31; nordstrom.com), which acts as a base that gives the look staying power. “Coral just has a way of lighting up the skin with a sort of soft, peachy tones that give every complexion sort of this lit-from-within quality,” Goodwin says. Watch the full video above to learn the rest of Goodwin’s easy-to-follow tips.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Stephanie from InStyle and I'm here with celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin and today she's gonna show us how to get the beautiful coral lips she created for Emma Stone. Okay, so what's the first step. I always like to apply a base to any lipstick just because it gives it more Staying power and it allows you to keep the color true longer. So I'm gonna go ahead and apply a pencil to the entire lip. In this case, I used a bright pinky coral underneath, so I'm gonna start with that. And I'm filling in the entire lip, not just the edges of the lip as you can see, as this is going to. Give the lipstick a really nice foundation. So if it does come off, whether you're having a drink, or you're eating, or you're just talking throughout the night, as the lipstick does come off, it will have the ability to keep you from getting that ring around the lip where you only [UNKNOWN] Yeah, nobody wants that. This allows it to come off evenly. [MUSIC] So the pencil is kind of acting as a base that's gonna allow it to stay throughout the night, right? Exactly, so by doing this you're adding hours to the longevity of your lipstick. And it really does work to keep lipstick on longer and keep the colors true for hours. Love it. So when you're picking out a shade of coral, how do you know what works best with your skin tone? I think a great general rule is to go with something about two shades lighter than your skin. That's something that's going to give it a lot of pop on the skin and just kind of jump off. I also think that if you have warmer skin, like you do, Pinky corals are gonna be kinda nice, because it's gonna go against your skin tone and give it a little bit more of a lively punch. If you wanna have it more harmonious, stick with the warmer tones, like the apricots. And for darker skins, obviously deeper shades of coral, little bit more red-based. Okay. And if you have really fair skin, I would say just very. Stay with the soft, peachy shades. Okay. So now I'm applying the color on top of the pencil. This combination of the peach and the pink together makes this very fun, very balanced shade. [MUSIC] Is there an advantage to using the brush to applying the lipstick or can you use it straight from the tube? I mean as an artist I always when I'm applying it on another person, I do use a brush typically because it gives me more control. But if I'm doing it on myself, I absolutely use it. [LAUGH] Right out of the tube. Because I think most women, it's easier to apply lipstick on yourself from the tube. [MUSIC] And you can see how it just has this illuminating effect. Coral just has a way of lighting up the skin with the sort of soft, peachy tones that give every complexion sort of a lit from within quality. Which I love about it. And I think it's really refreshing. After seeing season after season of red lips, which I think are timeless and will always be around. And there's a time and a place for it, but sometimes it's nice to do something slightly different. Yeah. And- Coral feels fresh. It does. Young and something different. It does, it really does, and it's so wearable. I think that women should be exploring it more and be less afraid of I think there was a connotation of, there was an 80's connotation, it had a dated feel and I think this is a fresh new take on it and it's moment is back, it's coming back. Love it! [MUSIC]
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