A Deep Side Part Is Flattering on Everyone. Here's How to Do It Right


Study Emily Ratajkowski’s red carpet looks (or her Instagram profile) and you’ll notice one foolproof ‘do that the actress turns to time and time again: the deep side part. Why? Parting hair to one side highlights your best features—especially the eyes and cheekbones.

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To learn how recreate Ratajkowski's look, InStyle.com’s senior fashion editor, Violet Gaynor, asked celebrity hairstylist Anh Co Tran to walk us through every step of the process. In the video above, Tran, who co-owns Ramirez | Tran Salon, begins by parting Gaynor's hair deeply to one side. He then curls sections in alternating directions, before applying a volumizing spray, like Living Proof Instant Texture Mist ($26, sephora.com). Next, Tran locks in curls with a light mist of hairspray like Bumble and Bumble Hairspray ($29, sephora.com). The final step? Sweeping Gaynor's hair over one shoulder and securing at the nape with two interlocking bobby pins. Watch the video above to see the rest of Tran’s pro technique.



[MUSIC] So on this look has a really deep pry part. How do I choose where to part my hair? Cuz I always part it in the middle. Well usually every one has a good side, one side or the other. And that's how I determined the side part. But on your ends you have a little lot of baby hairs. So I like to do it on this side. Cause it's more flattering and the deeper it goes the more modern it is. Okay. Here we are with the deep side part and now I'm going to go in and curl the hair. So I'm going to go in And start from the bottom, and working my way up, and I'm going to go forward and tuck the ends a little bit more. So this one's all going one direction and then going the opposite direction. So, after the other side is done, I'm going to go onto the other side of the front and start from the bottom Getting the curls going forward. [MUSIC] And then next section, I'm going backwards. Okay. So away from the face. And what that does is it ends the curls. Gonna form all. Like an S wave. Almost like a finger wave kind of do. Okay. But you're leaving the ends out. Got it. And that's what the modern twist is. Now that you've finished the front, we're gonna go into the back. Again, working from the bottom. Working up. And I would bring the hair forward. Okay. Forward like this. [MUSIC] So that I can see what I'm doing. Then you can see what you're doing. Okay. And then working from the shafts all the way to the ends. Okay? And alternating the curls. [MUSIC] So [UNKNOWN] you curled my whole head now. How do I finish it off? So I'm now gonna put a texture spray in your hair. Hair, and that usually gives it some body and gives it some texture and brings out the waves. And I'm gonna mainly focus on the roots, cuz I want a little more body to the roots, and then all over the front and also the back. And be a little more generous with this, just because it's an evening look. And I want it to hold. So now we're going to get a brush and just give her hair a little more rough up texture on the roots. So I want to take a really simple brush and just rough up the roots. And you want to do all over the head. It's a really good massage. Clean too right? I know, it feels good. [LAUGH] All right. And then after that, I wanna go in and use a light hairspray to seal up everything and just smooth out the rest of the fly aways. And with this, you don't wanna spray on to the hair. You wanna spray it On top of the hair, so the hairspray can land on to the hair. With the same thing, you can smooth out her hair, just very lightly. You can see how it's already forming. A lot of times, if you're going to be out and about, I would like to put a bobby pin back here So it stays. Okay. So with a bobby pin, I'm gonna bring the hair all the way through the other side and clip it into the nape of the head, okay? And then use another bobby pin to crisscross it so it actually stays in really nicely. So now I'm just going to take hairspray and just Smooth it out. All the little fly aways, make sure that's nice and smooth. I think that's it. Hahn, I love this look. You've taken your signature effortless, lived-in hair and translated it into a really cool, modern take on evening. So, thank you for doing this. Awesome, you're very welcome.
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