Watch: The Incredibly Easy DIY for Emily Blunt's Feathered Eyebrows 

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Emily Blunt possesses the innate ability to portray characters that move us. And though her acting talent is beyond noteworthy, her impeccable eyebrows play at least a bit part in her on-camera appeal. To learn how to recreate Blunt’s signature feathered look, InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large Kahlana Barfield met with eyebrow enthusiast Kristie Streicher for expert tips. Thanks to Streicher, who co-owns Los Angeles-based beauty spa and salon Striiike alongside sisters Jenn and Ashley, we now know the trick requires more than a hand-held mirror and pair of tweezers. 

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Streicher begins by using a professional brow brush (we like Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #12, $18; to stroke the hair down in light feather motions that add shadow and fullness. Then, she determines the placement of the brow, using the nose and eyes as measuring points, before applying a tinted brow gel (Try Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel, $22,, which adds shine and lengthens the brows. She finishes with clear brow gel like Brett Freedman Beauty Arch-Control ($18; To see the full results, watch the video above. 

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[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Jen Streicher, we're here at Striiike. I'm with my sisters Kristie and Ashley, and we're here to recreate some of our favorite red carpet looks for you. What are you gonna show us today? I'm gonna recreate a really good, bold feathered brow. I like to start by brushing the hair all the way down first. Okay so you go down. I go down first and either way works. Okay. You can start going down or up. And as you can tell, I'm just using really soft light feather strokes to slowly add a little bit of shadow. To the skin just above the hairline because we're creating a little bit more of a fuller brow. You don't want to go to crazy. It starts to look a little unnatural if it's too outside the actually brow. And it's really important to know placement of arch. So how do you determine the placement of the arch. So moving to the left side of the brow, we are going to demonstrate how to find the appropriate shape. And you always want to start the brow in a straight line from the corner of the nose to the corner of the eye, directly upward. And the arch, which is the most important part, should be in a straight line from the corner of the nose just outside the pupil. So directly here, which she has her highest point. And the brows should end in a straight line from the corner of the nose to the corner of the eye. Straight outward. And length is good in the brows as long as it's going outward and not down. Because it can sometimes make the eyes look droopier, kind of pull downward. Okay. The front of the brow should slowly transition and lift up to that point. To create a really long beautiful brow. And you always want to blend it out with a brush or a spooly. It just kind of softens everything and blends it into the hair and the skin. Next we're gonna finish with a tinted brow gel. Okay. And you can kind of think of this as the mascara of the brows. It really thickens and lengthens and adds a little bit more depth to the brow. Okay. And it makes them nice and shiny. Okay. And again I'm gonna hold the skin tight, and just brush up here, lightly tapping on the skin. So I'm not only depositing on the hair, but the skin as well. And with this product I like to wipe off any excess gel that might be on the brush. It will go on a lot smoother and more even if there's not as much product on the brush. And now we're finishing with a strong hold, clear eyebrow gel. And this really keeps the hairs in place. And keeps them brushed up and feathered. So I'm going to finish with the feathering part of the feather brow which is using a darker tinted brow gel to brush all the hairs up and outside the brow line so it gives that really soft, feathered look. So again you wanna keep the skin held really tight. And brush up and I'm going to be doing part of the brow, and you can see those hairs lift. And it makes the brow look a lot more full as well. So do you want to see your full feather brow? I do. There you go. Oh, I love them. Oh my god, I feel like a new woman. [LAUGH] I'm gonna have to try this at home myself.
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