WATCH: How to Get Elizabeth Olsen's Day-to-Night Smoky Eye 


When she’s not pouring over a script for captivating films like Martha Marcy May Marlene, Elizabeth Olsen can be found stepping onto the red carpet in both gutsy and classic looks that we’re sure her designer sisters (Mary Kate and Ashley) would approve of. It’s because of celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, though, that Olsen’s repeatedly memorable outfits always stun. As Goodwin tells InStyle’s special projects editor, Stephanie Samson, in the video above, the actress’s go-to smoky eye works well for her (and for anyone) because of its ability to compliment any outfit and easily transition from day to night.

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The key to replicating this look is to begin by applying a soft brown eye shadow like Urban Decay’s Lost Medium Metallic Brown Eye Shadow ($18, all along the lash line and into the crease, covering the entire lid. Goodwin then continues at the outside of the eye blending a gold cream like Laura Mercier’s Rose Gold Caviar Stick Eye Color ($28, from the inner eye outward. Watch the full video above to see the rest of the pro’s five-minute fix.  

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Stephanie from InStyle and I'm here with celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin. Today, she is gonna us how to get that everyday smokey eye she created for Elizabeth Olsen. So, Rachel, I love a smoky eye. But typically I wear it at night for more dramatic effect. How can I pull this look off during the day without looking too made up. Me, too. I love a smoky eye but I think this is a friendlier version, a more wearable version for day. And I think it's really easy to do it to you. It's just, we're using warm, soft, gold, bronze tones and it It's just easy and wearable and easy to achieve. Great, so what's the first step? First step is to use a soft bronze shadow all along the lash line and up into the crease. So I'm just gonna cover the entire lid, starting at the outer eye, coming in. Excuse my finger, if there's Any kind of harshness in the crease. I just kind of use my finger to blend it so that there's no hard lines anywhere. And this is just a powder shadow. Placing it just on the lid. And what color is it? This is just a soft bronze color. Like a brown, with a little fleck of gold in it. I'm going to do the same. I'm coming from the outer edge, coming in toward the center of the eye. So start at the outside of the eye and come in towards the center. And there's not a lot of shading involved in this because it's just one color. But you do need to blend the edges to make sure there's no harsh lines anywhere. And it gives this a soft, lush feeling to the eye. And then, add a gold creme. Starting at the center and coming out across lid. Then I just take a fluffier brush and blend it into the shadow and on top of it, coming out toward the edges for the concentration of the color stain at the inner eye. Gives it this glisteny, creamy look to the shadow and the same goes on the bottom, on the lower eye, again on the very center, right in, towards the inner eye, and the nose. And then just soft blending into your bronze shadow. And I just go over it a few more times to make sure there's enough blending. Then if you need to, you can use your fingers, because they're really fantastic tools. Especially for a look like this, because they melt the make-up, make it look like it's been lived in. On the brow bone, I just add a little bit of a highlighter. This is just a soft vanilla shade, and I like to do that right underneath the eyebrow to kinda give it a little bit more lift underneath the brow. And then I'll dab a little bit on the center in her eye again, just for a little bit more highlight. And if any of the color has dropped underneath the eyes, you just add a tiny bit of concealer underneath just to clean it up. Make sure shadow didn't get anywhere you don't want it. [MUSIC] See you really only used one color. Mm-hm. And then the cream. Love that. And it's very easy to. So easy. Yeah. So easy. It's one of the things every woman should know how to do because it's one of those things you can pull out of. Whether you're at the beach. Yeah. Or you're going out at night. I mean, it just was something you can do in five minutes. And then I'll just usually, I love mascara, I'm a mascara girl, so I feel like it needs to be finished with a little bit of mascara. And i'm using black, but you could use brown and well, brown would be beautiful with this. I do usually use black mascara because I think it gives the eye a little bit more oomph. Look up for me, just on the edges of the eyes and the bottom outer lashes, just the outer ones. Just to want to keep it more of an almond shape. And then if you want to even bump it up a little bit more, like I did on Lizzie, I just used a tiny bit of a cocoa brown on the inner water line, like that. To define the edges of the eye, give it a little bit more impact. So you could go day to night just by a line. Yeah, just by adding a little bit on the water line, it's gonna give it a lot more impact. It's great. So you can do it with or without, depending on where you're going and whether it's daytime. Perfect. Or, you know. But I love this, and it's so easy. Amazing. Thank you. [MUSIC]
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