VIDEO: Chrissy Teigen's Hairstylist Shares the Trick to Her Voluminous Ponytail

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Chrissy Teigen is known for her flowing mane, but when the multi-hyphenate star does pull her locks up into a perfectly tousled, voluminous ponytail, the result is just as enviable. To learn styling secrets for the 'do, InStyle's fashion and beauty editor-at-large, Kahlana Barfield Brown, turned to T3's lead stylist, David Lopez, who created Teigen's look.

This ponytail is all about adding as much volume and texture to your strands as possible, which makes it a great option for second- or third-day hair. “I always say that hair should look 'on purpose,' so if you have messy hair, make sure it looks messy on purpose, and not because you didn’t know what you’re doing,” says Lopez.

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To begin, gather hair into a low ponytail at the back. Next, pull two skinny sections from the nape forward, then loosely wrap them around the rest of the hair (as you would a ribbon), and pin in place. “The key is to make sure you have some nice, pretty fall-out pieces that frame the face,” says Lopez.

Follow by spritzing hair with a dry texturizing spray for an overall messy-undone vibe. To get even more texture, Lopez recommends coiling select sections of hair around a clipless 1-inch curling iron, leaving the ends out. To prevent heat damage, “only keep the iron on 5 [high heat] if your hair is unprocessed. Everyone else can go down to 4.” Finish the look by teasing the roots and inside of the ponytail before lightly back-combing with a brush to create big fluffiness.

Press play on the video above to get the complete details on how to DIY Teigen’s soft, textured ponytail at home.


[MUSIC] I'm Cologna with Instyle, and I'm here with celebrity hairstylist David Lopez, and he's gonna teach us how to get Chrissy Teigen's voluminous pony. What's the first step in getting this look. Your first step is getting some long hair cuz you do wear your hair in a lob. So we wanted to add some length because it's more dramatic when it's a little bit longer. So we added this really beautiful length here. Now bring all of your hair in the back. Take hair from either side of the neck. So we have one little skinny section here that comes forward. We have one little skinny section here that comes forward. Now you're going to take this hair, you're going to bring it to the back and you're going to tie it. Pocahontas. Pocahontas. So you want to make sure that you get all that hair in there. There you go, perfect. Now you can tie it once and pin it in place, but I like to go around more than once just to make it look a little bit even more. Like a pony. Right. Now I've done it even before you can see that like I just keep going all the way down it just looks like a really cool look. So I'm just going to pin that tie in place, I'm using regular bobby pins but you can actually use a hair pin as well just like the U-shape pins. Mm-hm. Work just as well, it's going to be super secure. Now the key here is I want to make sure I have some nice Pretty fall out here, nice and soft. You seen the profile. Might even pull some hair down here. You want it to feel very soft. Now, you can build in your texture, use your hands. So I'm using a dry texture spray just to kind of hold it in place. I always say hair should look on purpose so if you have messy hair make sure it looks like it's messy on purpose and not like you just didn't know what you were doing. Mm-hm. So that's why products like a dry texture spray really help with that messy undone look. Now that we have the pony tail in place. I'm gonna take a one inch straight barrel, no clip and I'm gonna start building in texture So starting in the middle of the pony tail, right in the center where the hair is you want to start building in texture. Now I really just start wrapping it as tightly as possible, leaving the ends out. Or what you can do is as you're curling, if you want to have a softer end, curl all the way to the end, hold for half a second then release and hold a little bit longer here in the mid-length. Just so you have some variation in curl pattern. And what temperature do you suggest for this? So I have it on four for you, because your own hair ir processed, and then you have extensions. The only people who really keep it on five have completely unprocessed hair. So if you've never used relaxer, you never colored your hair, you have very coarse hair that needs that level five, that 450 temperature, you wanna have it up there Everyone else can go down to a four. I have bleached hair. I made my hair silver and I flat ironed it. And I have it like at three sometimes a two. Only worry about curling your ends. Don't worry about getting curl here. Curl all of your ends and then pull it back to the ponytail and then you can detail. I want to make sure I get as much volume as possible. So get that curl near the base of the ponytail. You want to get that base and that's when it helps lift it out. With the comb, is what I call the detail teasing. So you're gonna use the comb to tease areas like the crown, right under the part for volume that's gonna be long lasting. And then you're gonna tease with a brush to create big fluffiness. Okay. And the brush is used through the ends, versus the comb is really for the roots. Okay. So I'm gonna use the comb now for the interior pony tail. So, I'm just teasing into the inside of that pony tail cuz I want it to be as big as possible. And, you wanna stay away from the outside of the pony tail. You wanna really have it happen everything on the inside. See, I'm getting that volume here. That's what I'm really looking for. Now I can take a brush, and you're just gonna want to very gently pick up pieces and just Give it a little back brushing like that. It's really just in the manner of how you hold the hair just so lightly. Just so, so, so lightly. Once you feel like you have that volume built in, then I'm gonna spray a little bit of hairspray onto the brush [BLANK_AUDIO] And very gently just brush that outer layer, just to smooth it out just a little bit. And you almost don't want to see the teasing, you want it to look like it's just big cuz it's a big pony tail. And then you can use a dry texture spray. Dry texture spray or dry finishing spray gives your hair that grit that you can keep manipulating it and it's gonna stay big. Now I'm gonna go in with the one inch And you can actually build in some waves. This looks really terrifying but I'm telling you it's not. What I love about this is that I feel like it's a great style for second or third date hair. 100% and that is it. Super easy and super cute. [MUSIC]
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