No One Does Dewy Blush Like Blake Lively. Try Her Surprisingly Simple Technique

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Has Blake Lively ever failed to get the bright lights flashing on the red carpet? Probably not. And while the actress knows how to rock everything from an off-the-shoulder gown to a three-piece suit—let’s not forget her momentous 10 outfit changes in one day back in April—it’s her beauty routine that we’re falling for. Celebrity makeup pro Kristofer Buckle has helped Lively achieve the glowing, dewy blush that the beauty is known for. To learn how to recreate it, InStyle’s special projects editor, Stephanie Samson, asked Buckle to take us through the steps.

The artist’s list of must-haves for the look is remarkably short. You’ll need foundation, highlighter, a blush like Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Blush ($27,, and an eye shadow that suits your complexion, similar to those in Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Shimmering Nudes Eyeshadow Palette ($55,

Watch the full video above to see all of Buckle’s tips. 

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Stephanie from InStyle and I'm here with celebrity makeup artist, Kristofer Buckle. And today he's gonna show us how to recreate that gorgeous dewy blush look he did for Blake Lively. So the dewy look is super popular right now, but how do you Make it look nice and glowy without looking greasy.>>The best way to go about it is to do your foundation as you normally would this way you can control how you reflect light, then you can go in with a highlighter and you can hit the high points of the cheek bone and down the center of the nose and the chin and things like that this way you look glowy But not greasy. Great. So what's the first step? You know, with Blake Lively, I used a beautiful, like, coral blush. You should do that first. So get the blush color on your face and just lightly work it up on the cheekbone like this. The softer the brush you use, the more diffused the color goes. And so it ends up being much more airbrushed looking. You could just buff it very lightly with your hands and it just becomes part of the skin. And this way you get like a little stain of coral on the cheek, and it's not overly saturated. And then for the glowing part, you can use an eyeshadow, you can use a gold eyeshadow. If you see here [MUSIC] These colors, you can kind of select one that's closest to your complexion. So if you're darker complected, you can use a coppery color or a more bronze-y color. But for you, you can go with gold. Okay. And I'm just gonna lightly. So you just go high on the cheekbone, like this. Then just keep it right on the highest point of the cheekbone. It adds that pop of shine and glow without it being greasy. Another thing is you can put it down the center of your nose. If you just want to bring the tip of your nose up. You can put a little dot of shine right on the tip of your nose like this. And it gives you a cute little lift to the nose, and it's almost Anti contouring. So it's just highlighting and it gives you the same effect. Great. And also when it comes to shine and glow, you wanna make sure that there's continuity with the rest of your body. So when it comes to shoulders being exposed, you wanna make sure that you add shine to that. And you want to add shine to your collarbone because what it does is it gives you a seamless effect. So it actually looks like you're wearing less makeup because your face is the same texture as your body. So it's seamless beauty. Another thing that you can do to really increase the glow on the cheekbone and on the face is if you take a sponge, a makeup sponge, and saturate it with. Some rose water and glycerin. And just apply it lightly on top by pressing. You don't want to rub because you'll take off your makeup. But if you just press like this, it really magnifies all the shine that you put on your face. [MUSIC] Smile [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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