Anne Hathaway's Cropped, Textured 'Do Is Surprisingly Easy to Recreate—Here's How 


Who can forget Mia Thermopolis’s (Anne Hathaway) out-of-control frizzy curls from the opening scenes of The Princess Diaries? The look was, as the Queen of Genovia (Julie Andrews) would suggest, definitely not fit for royalty. But off-screen, Hathaway has adopted a short, wavy, and textured hairstyle since playing the character in 2001—one that we can’t help but adore.’s senior fashion news editor, Kim Peiffer, teamed up with celebrity hairstylist Anh Co Tran, co-owner of Ramirez | Tran Salonto show us how to recreate the actress’s cropped and voluminous ‘do. The takeaway? Achieving the look at home is surprisingly simple and only requires a curling iron, a texturizing spray like Show Beauty's Premiere Working Texture Spray ($47,, and a serum like Josie Maran's Argan Oil Hair Serum ($30, Watch the full video above to see Tran walk us through the process. 

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[MUSIC] So I'm gonna first start with the front because I always like to make sure the front looks good before I move on to the back. Especially when you do it at home You start with the front. You won't be so tired going to the back. Starting from the bottom and working my way up from mid shaft, working all the way down to the ends, and tucking the ends in a little bit more this time around. I'm going in the same direction on the bottom. [MUSIC] And then, next section up. I'm going backwards and tucking in the ends a little more just to get the ends a little more polished and working all the way up to the top and alternating the curls Backwards and forwards. Now I move on to this side, and I'm gonna go towards the face. So, the next section up, I'm gonna curl the hair away from the face, starting from the mid shaft and working my way towards the end, and polish the ends a little bit, and then I'm gonna do the back. All right, Kim, so we finished with the curls, and now we're gonna put in some texture spray and Doll her up with some other products. This is texture spray, I'm gonna mainly focus just on the roots, actually all over, cause I wanna get that texture all over to the hair. All the way through the back, lift up the hair, make sure you've got it all the way through. Last but not least, a little serum on the ends to give it a little more shine and separation to the ends. And scrunch and bring this up. [LAUGH] Give that little body to the scalp part. And, tilt your head back a bit, and now I'm gonna run my hands through it making sure, like, the curls are not sticking so much to each other but also, you know, relaxing the curls a little bit more. So it becomes more wavy. And, yeah, just give it more separation and more placement to the curls. So Kim, this is the finished look. It's a little longer Erin's look, but you still have the same kind of feeling, the same kind of wave. It's still nice and sexy and coiffed.
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