The Southpaw Workout: Watch Us Take on Jake Gyllenhaal's Sledgehammer Drill 

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Jake Gyllenhaal stopped at nothing short of lifting a 350-lb tire to wielding a giant sledgehammer to get into shape for his role as boxing champ Billy Hope for Southpaw. But how hard did he really work? I paid a visit to the L.A. gym where he trained to find out.

In the video above, trainer Terry Claybon takes me through one aspect of Jake’s many intense moves from his workouts—and yes, it involves a sledgehammer. Watch the clip above to see how it turns out.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim from InStyle Style. I'm here with Terry Claybon from Pound for Pound Boxing Gym. He is the man responsible for Jake Gyllenhaal's amazing body in the hottest new movie, South Paw, that everyone is talking about. Terry's gonna show us some of the exercises that he did on Jake for the training of the film. This tire here Is 300 plus pounds. 300 plus pounds. I'm supposed to do what with that? You're supposed to flip it. And you would flip it 20 times up, 20 times back. Wait, I'm sorry, he would flip this 40 times every day? Yes, no Three days a week. Oh, I'm sorry. Only three days a week. Well, only three days a week. And it's a full body toning as well. So I'll demonstrate how you work the tire flip, ok? The most important thing is you do not want to use your back. You need to describe position. You want to go underneath, grab the tire, get a feel for it, brace yourself, use your legs to come up, and then you just let the tire drop. Just like that. No big deal. That's 20 times up. 20 times down. You want to flip at least 40 times. You want to flip it at least 40 times. No big deal. At least 40 times. That's what Jake used to do at least three days a week on our conditioning workout. You want to try to flip it? Yeah. I'm going for it. Okay, your most important thing is your form, okay? Okay. Bend your knees,. Okay. Get up underneath, brace yourself. Come on up. I can do it. Very nice. Push it off. And- [SOUND] Very nice. You wanna try that on your own, Kim? Yeah, let's just see. Okay, bend your knees. Use your legs. Looking good, very nice. Yay! [APPLAUSE] Good job. Oh yeah. Wow. But if you notice you were using your legs. Yeah. 39 to go. 39 to go. That's amazing. Very nice. You have good technique. Your form was good. You used your legs to come up. Once you got it up to the top, [UNKNOWN] to push it down. Amazing. I can't believe I did it. I mean, I can't do more than one, though.
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