VIDEO: How to Get Toned Arms Like Taraji P. Henson


Empire’s Cookie Lyon may have hilariously struck her son with a broom in the show’s hit debut season, and actress Taraji P. Henson couldn’t have done so without her secret weapon: flawless arms. For that, the Emmy Award-winning actress turns to celebrity fitness trainer Mike T. In the video above, InStyle’s Kim Peiffer learns what it takes to tone and tighten your biceps and triceps into an athletic shape perfect for stepping out in sleeveless gowns as gorgeous as the ones Henson rocks on the red carpet.

Mr. T’s go-to moves? Lateral raises and advanced front deltoid raises, which are easy to do at home with a set of light weights.

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Watch the video above to see Peiffer take on the moves and learn them for yourself.


[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with Mike T and today he's going to show us how to get arms like [UNKNOWN]. >Some of the things that I actually do with [UNKNOWN] to make sure that her arms look great when she has a gown are some lateral raises, some advanced front belt raises. So we'll do some of those right now. Okay cool. So let's get started. >So you have four pounds. I'm going to use these eights. Gonna have one foot in front of you, just whatever you're right handed, whatever you're comfortable with, you have that leg in front. Start with your hands in front here, make a little v with the weights and you come up parallel with your shoulder and then back down and then back up again. And you wanna keep control, wanna breathe in on the way down, you wanna expel. On the way up. And typically how many reps do you do of this? You wanna actually get about 12 to 15 repetitions. Okay, already feel the burn. It's a light weight, but you wanna feel that born. You feel that burn? Yeah, feeling. That's what you wanna feel, you get that good squeeze up top, squeeze it, and then down. Yep. All right. Good, good. So we're gonna follow that immediately with a front delt raise, an advanced version of it. We're gonna start with our Hands by side, weights turned in to your hips, and raise the weight to the front and to the middle. Back to the sides, to the middle, and then lower it again. All right, and you're blowing out. Good. Give me three reps. Squeeze it up, out, excellent. Two more. Up, [MUSIC] And last one, get a good squeeze. Up, squeeze it, hold it, forward, and down. Nice and controlled. That's hard. I definitely feel that. You feel that burn? My shoulders, the back of my arms, all all the way down? You don't use a lot of weight at all. Ok and you can build up right, if you feel like? Well you're doing more reps, it's more for the toning aspect versus stability. More for the toning. Red carpet ready. I love it. Thank you so much.
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