Watch: How to Get a Body Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

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It's definitely no secret that breathtaking model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is flawless from head to toe, and although we didn't inherit her gorgeous genes (sigh), we can get one step closer to making the former Victoria's Secret model's incredibly toned physique our own. I took a trip to Los Angeles to visit Huntington-Whiteley's trainer, fitness expert Simone De La Rue of Body by Simone, who showed me the workout she does with the star.

Watch the clip above to see us master one of the total body moves that De La Rue uses on the model, which she calls the "window washer." The only equipment you'll need is an inexpensive tool called a sliding disk (you can easily use a kitchen towel instead if you don't have one handy!).

It's simple enough to learn, but warning; it's definitely a full body challenge for your core, legs, arms, and butt. After all, you've got to sweat to see results!

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with celebrity trainer and fitness expert Simone De La Rue, hello. Who is going to show us how to get a body like Rosie Huntington Whiteley. And today I brought with me one of my favorite toys. A gliding disk, and you can buy this at most sporting good stores. Or if you don't have ti that you can use it at home, you can use a towel, a paper towel, or even your socks. SO you going to come into a perfect plank. You'll place this disk under the ball of your foot. And keep your wrists underneath your shoulders. Elbows slightly bent. You're gonna bring your navel towards your spine and tilt your pelvis under. You're gonna slide your knee towards your navel and kick it back. So you can feel that activating in you lower abs right now, right? Absolutely. Good. It burns. Beautiful core strength. Slide it in and slide it out. Good. Now we're gonna do the advanced version so you're gonna do the window washer. It's great to clean your floors at home. Slide and in. And, slide and in bringing that toe towards your shoulder as you keep your core perfectly still. Don't forget to breathe. One more. I'd like to begin a version again. Bring the knee into chest and kick it back and chest and kick it back. Good and relax. So I recommend starting with three sets of ten repetitions and working up from there. It's quite intense. It's a good one. You can feel it straight away. Love it. Thank you so much. My pleasure.
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