Get a Revenge Body with Celeb Trainer Harley Pasternak 


Here at InStyle, we love hitting up celebrity trainers to get their best tips and tricks for an effective and challenging workout. Recently, we enlisted Fitbit Ambassador and Revenge Body trainer Harley Pasternak to show us the best leg and lower body moves to that revenge body, a la Khloé Kardashian.

In the video above, Pasternak demoed some great lower body moves to get your butt and legs in shape before bikini season begins. "But remember, it doesn’t replace eating well, taking your steps through the day, and sleeping well," he reminded us before he dove in. 

First up was a skater lunge, that according to Pasternak, "engaged more of the hip and glute, you’ll feel some inner thigh work there as well." 

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He then demoed how to do a jump squat, and said that the most important part of this move is to keep your jumps light, no thumping allowed. According to the Fitbit monitor, our heart rate went up to 128 beats per minute with just a few reps of these. 

Watch the video above for the full tutorial, and get ready to step, lunge, and jump your way to a revenge body.


[MUSIC] Hi. I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with Fitbit Ambassador Harley Pasternak. Today he's going to show me how to get a revenge body. Who would you be getting revenge on? That's what I want to know. I mean there's so many people. Okay we're going to focus on the lower body revenge body moves okay? But remember it doesn't replace eating well, taking your steps throughout the day, and sleeping well. Cool. All right first thing we're going to do is a skater lunge so starting in the front. Instead of bringing your right leg straight back bring it across your body and then the other side. It's engaging more of the hip and glute. You'll feel some inner thigh work there as well. You've got strong legs. Thank you. So this next exercise is super intense and you're going to notice your heart rate climbs as we do it. Feat shoulder width apart just like the squat but this time as we sink down we're going to explode up and when you land, imagine that you're landing on a sheet of glass so I don't want to hear [THUD]. We don't want the impact to your joints, okay? So sinking down- So light. And up. [BLANK_AUDIO]. Good, you're heart rate's gonna get up. So when we're done, you're gonna look at your FitBit, and you're gonna tell me what your heart rate's at. Okay, let's see. [SOUND] 128 beats per minute. Wow. Okay. Really good. Pretty high. You know what I like about all the leg moves is that you can do them anywhere, so there's zero excuses. No equipment. That's right. Zero excuses. You get revenge body on the gym membership costs. That's right. That's who we're getting revenge body on right now. Great advice. Thank you.
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