VIDEO: How to Get a Body Like Reese Witherspoon 

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Envy the way Reese Witherspoon looks in those strapless dresses on the red carpet? So do we. Which is why we went straight to the source of the actresses’s toned physique: her trainer, fitness expert Michael George.

In the clip above, I try out one of the signature moves he does regularly with Witherspoon—a three-part series of lateral moves that tone your arms, legs, butt, and core, not to mention get that heart rate up to burn additional calories.

Combined, these three lateral moves create a sexy, toned physique like Witherspoon’s that will have you looking red carpet ready in no time.

Get the look featured on editor Kim Peiffer above: Sasha sports bra and Vimmia tank,; Cropped leggings,; Nike shoes,

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[MUSIC] Hi. I am Kim with In Style. I am here with celebrity fitness expert Michael George, who is going to show us how to get a body like Reese Witherspoon. Alright yes we are. Reese does this. A lot of my celebrity clients do this move. It is one of my signature moves. So, basically, what we're going to do here is we're gonna do a down lunge hold. Okay? With a side, a front, and a rear lateral raise. So, let's pick up our dumbbells. And you can watch me demonstrate first, and then I'll have you do it. Okay? So, basically, we're going to start on one side, down lunge position. Make sure you have a nice wide stance. You're not tight rope. Okay. You're balanced. Because you are working balance too. Come down into a down lunge position. And then hands by your side coming up to eye level. So this is your side lateral move, and if this is too challenging, you can come up a little higher and do this. But you're working core, you're working your arms, you're working your legs, and you're working your quads, lower quads isometrically which is very important because it strengthens the knee joint. Which is what a lot of women need. Then we move to the next side same thing on this side. Down into a down lunge position and we're doing forward lateral raises. Again only to eye level wrist down slightly bent. And then we would do rear lateral raises. Okay, come back to the other side again. Now you're arching your back, chest up, arms out in front. Okay, one, two. So, come all the way back a little wider, hold it for a beat, come forward. So, side laterals, front laterals [CROSSTALK] laterals. Got it, I think. Okay. So, let's start with the side. Okay. Down in lunge position, back nice and straight. Okay. Okay, yup. Make sure that your knees align with your heel. Here we go. Am I wide enough? Come on, up. That's it. Mm-hm. And don't forget to breathe, it's important to breathe. Some times I forget that part. I know. Keep your elbows bent a bit. Come up. Feel it, actually, feel the movement. There you go. Do you feel that working?>> I do. Yeah. So when you drop the wrist down a little bit, that's the fulcrum right there. So you're working the cuts of the arms. Okay, so lets switch sides. Okay. Let's do the front. Very important. Keep your back straight. Keep your knee in line with your heel. Okay. Drop down. Let's go to the front. That's it. your arms a little bit. Do you want to go lower? I'm fine. That's good. Oh yeah, that's where it burns. Okay, switch sides, and we'll do the rear. okay. Okay from here, lean forward, yep, arch your back, arms out in front, like this, more in front, there you go. Good. Wider, a little wider. Good. Now you're working the rear laterals. Good. Excellent. Good job. So what you're working here is you're focusing on the arms. You're working the shoulders, the lateral movements. You can stop now. [LAUGH] I could keep going all day. Yeah yeah. You're working the cuts in the arms. You're working the quads, you're working your legs, you're working balance and I think your heart rate's up a little bit. I think I'm breathing a little heavy, yeah. Yeah, so you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. Mm-hm. So those three moves combined really give you those killer toned arms that look great in strapless dresses. Exactly, yes. I like it, thanks so much. You're welcome. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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