VIDEO: How to Get a Body Like Supermodel Nina Agdal 


Model Nina Agdal always seems to sizzle, whether she's rocking a bikini on the cover of Sports Illustrated or posting serious #fitspo selfies of her post-sweat sess'. How does she look this good, all the time? In addition to what we can only assume are incredible genes, the model also certainly works for it (insert sigh of relief here).

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You'll find Agdal sweating it out at regular Barry's Bootcamp sessions in Miami, where she works with celebrity trainer Derek DeGrazio. In the clip above, DeGrazio shows us a move that he does on Agdal. Watch it to learn how to do this workout at home.

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I"m Kim with InStyle. I"m here with celebrity trainer Derek Degrasio, who's going to show us how to get a body like Nina Agdol Yeah, I got we think supermodel, superbody. So there's this one supermove, we can say that can get you a little bit closer to it, Shall we? Course there's a whole thoughtful full body, from your legs, your abs, your arms, your shoulders, I love it.>> hands and toes, right? Love the multitasking. Yeah, yeah. Let's do it. Ok so you're going to grab weights. So think about medium weights. We got ten pound weights right here. If you dont' have weights Use books, use small children. Use whatever you can get your hands on, but we've got two weights. You're gonna do dead lift first. So we're gonna call this, it's gonna be a dead lift,- Okay. bicep curl, and then a shoulder press. So three things become one, which makes it one pretty great exercise. So we're gonna have about, feet, soft little bend in your knees. Feet about ten inches apart of so. So what I want you to do is think about flat back Big chest, shoulder blades back, inhale, press your **** back. Soft little bend your knees, reach down to your toes. Exhale, so you wanna press your hips forward. Exhale, hips forward, right into a bicep curl, and then right into a shoulder press. Now we keep going, so inhale it right down So we're just gonna do a couple here to show you to think about doing this for 60 seconds. That's our goal is 60 seconds. Don't count it we want to kind of take the guess work out. You don't want to think so much about this stuff so. And you don't want to go too fast, right, is this the case. No, you're good this is a great case. Okay. Once we get the hang of it you can pick the pace up a little bit. Okay. But we're not trying to go too fast, not super slow. In fact, you got it, you got the flat back. It's a bicep curl. There's your abs, abs, abs, abs, abs and shoulder press and then give them a rest. [INAUDIBLE] feeling a little bit of burn already. In and out, down. Exhale up, bicep curl, shoulder press, just feel it on the way down. From the body, one move, you only need what little you have. Where your body can stand, you only need a couple inches of space. You can do these in a studio apartment, easy. You can do it in a studio apartment. A hotel room. Yes. That was really hard. I feel it in my abs, which is strange, my ****. Definitely my legs, and definitely my arms. I feel it all over; it was definitely a full-body move. Thank you so much. You got it, thank you.
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