VIDEO: How to Get a Booty Like Khloé Kardashian's

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The Bulgarian Split Squat may sound like something reserved solely for military officials with a high ranking, but as InStyle’s Kim Peiffer recently learned, the tried and true workout move is the reason Khloé Kardashian maintains her rock-hard booty. In the video above, Peiffer heads to L.A. to join celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson, Khloé’s go-to, inside the space where Kardashian-Jenner #fitspo dreams are made of. Together, the duo breaks down the step-by-step process to achieving a sculpted derrière cheek to cheek. Peterson’s suggested number of reps for max results? “Anywhere between 8 and 15, per side,” he tells Peiffer, moving on to zero-in on how many sets you should do per week.

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Watch the video above to learn how to secure a behind like Kardashian’s.



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with in style. I'm here with Gunnar Peterson and today he's gonna show us how to get a **** like Kourtney Kardashian. So what am I doing to day with this>>>Male speaker: You need to do a Bulgarian split quit in a Solar Ex Ract. One foot up. Okay. Body tall. You're gonna get a stretch down the hip flexor on the left side. Ease down and punch up hard through the right foot. Right there, all through the heel. Drive. That was the correct form? At some point you can take the trainings wheels off. Wait, I'm not ready. Okay, I'm ready. How many reps do you recommend for something like this? Anywhere between 8 and 15 per side. Fine. I'll do the other side really quick. There you go. Okay. Now, drive hard. It's amazing how different the other side can feel. Yeah. Your dominant side. Yeah. Okay, I'm ready for the training wheels to come off. I think. See? Fly. Fly. Out the nest. Good. Yep, that hurts. Awesome, thanks so much. Speak into the mike. Thanks so much. [LAUGH]
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