VIDEO: How to Get a Body Like Kendall Jenner

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We all know Kendall Jenner is no stranger to the catwalk, but it's refreshing to hear that staying in runway-ready shape isn't a cakewalk, even for the picture-perfect model. Sure, she's got killer genes, but the star stays lithe and toned with the help of celebrity trainer (and Kardashian-Jenner favorite) Gunnar Peterson.

In the video above, Peterson shows me a move he does specifically with Jenner on the reg. While you definitely should not attempt it without a trainer by your side, the movement itself is pretty basic. After attaching an anchored band around your waist, position your feet in a wide stance. Next, squat with the kettle ball weight between your legs, engage your abs, and swing it up to shoulder height while keeping your back and arms straight and pushing down through through your heels. Finish each rep by flexing your glutes at the top of the motion.

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Peterson recommends doing 8 to 20 reps, 3 to 4 days a week, depending on your fitness level, to be well on your way to Jenner-worthy glutes and abs.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Kim with InStyle, I'm here with Gunnar Peterson, and he's gonna teach us today how to get a body like Kendall Jenner. Now, what do we have going on here, I'm scared. So, a band, but attached to a loop RW so you can hook it Anchor it anywhere you need to. And I'm gonna throw a kettle ball swing in with it, so you're gonna fire up the entire posterior chain. And you're gonna fire your core up in a big way. So, glutes, abs, a little bit of everything. Pretty much exactly what you wanted. Okay great. Let's do it. Step in. Okay. Set at your belt line. Step in forward Wide stance, dip the hips, drive up and through, flex the glutes at the top of the motion. Push through your heels, don't raise with the arms, tight flex the glutes, big swing. Now I'm gonna add, there you go. Keep it honest, keep it honest, right there. Keeping it honest, keeping it honest. Good. Am I doing it? You tell me. I feel it, yeah. Drive, hips through, hips through. Eyebrow height, bang, right there. Tell me you're breathing. I don't think I am anymore. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] Okay, how many of these do you recommend? 8,000. 8,000. Got it. Done. If you shoot anywhere between 8 and 20 reps depending, as you're warming up to the movement, you'll definitely feel the heart rate elevated, and that's what we're looking for. Heart rate is elevated, starting to sweat, glutes feel- Probably throw in the towel right now. Throw in the towel. I'm done. Don't want that to happen. God forbid. That was amazing. Thank so much.
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