VIDEO: How to Get a Body Like Anne Hathaway

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InStyle September cover girl Anne Hathaway typically looks flawless on the red carpet—especially when she flaunts a strapless gown that shows off her toned arms and shoulders. So we turned to fitness expert and celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, owner of Body by Simone, to teach us the moves she does with Hathaway on a regular basis to get her red carpet ready.

“I like to multi-task in my workouts so this is a full body workout,” De La Rue tells InStyle of the particular move she does with the star. Watch the clip above to learn how to master this multi-tasking routine that will work your shoulders, arms, chest, and much more!

For more from Hathaway and to see her full cover feature, pick up the September issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download now.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with InStyle and I'm here with celebrity trainer and fitness expert Simone Delarue. She's gonna show us how to get a body like Anne Hathaway. So, I like to multitask in my workouts. So we're gonna work upper and lower body. It's a full body work out. If you don't have these weights at home, these are like three or four pound weights, and you can use cans of food or you can use water bottles. You can be as creative as you like. So we're going to stand on one leg. You're going to lock this foot into the knee. So you're going to stabilize. Pull in those lower abs and lift your arms up to make like a W. We're going to overhead press with our arms so you're working your chest and shoulders. I do extend the leg out so you're going to kick directly in front of you. So you're working that quad in your lower abs and you're working your shoulders and chest. And down again, and lift up, using that quad, using that hamstring and pull it back in, good. Again, pulling up from those lower abs kick it out, good lift it as high as you can and kick it up. And hold and in. You have to really focus on concentrate, don't you? You really do. Because otherwise you wanna feel like you're gonna fall over. As a good stabilization exercise using all those muscles in the feet and ankles. Shoulders down. So overhead press, lift. You feel that working into that quad, into that glute, into that hamstring, into that core, and your upper body as well. So it's always great to start with three sets of ten repetition and then build up from there. It works my body from head to toe, for sure. That's a great lesson in balance as well. I loved the multitasking moves. They're just super efficient. Good, perfect for summer. Gets ready quick and fabulous. Thank you.
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