VIDEO: How to Get Abs Like Alessandra Ambrosio 

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Model Alessandra Ambrosio looks amazing in anything she puts on, but when she’s showing off her abs in an itsy bitsy bikini, she really ups the wow factor.

Yes, it’s quite clear that the star has amazing genes to begin with, but she also devotes herself to regular sweat sessions at Barry’s Bootcamp to keep her physique bikini-ready. In the clip above, celebrity trainer and Barry’s Bootcamp managing partner Derek DeGrazio shows us the killer ab move that contributes to the model’s killer abs. Watch it to learn how to do this workout at home.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with celebrity trainer Derek DeGrazio. He's gonna show us how to get Alessandra Ambrosio's incredible abs. So how did she get those abs? Well, today we're focus on your lower belly. So our lower abs are typically the first place we store fat and the last place it comes off. So it's kind of one of those things where Sucks, but we've gotta spend a little bit more time on it. We can do it. Definitely doable. And, I think this is a move that could take us in a step in the right direction. Amazing. So, what do we do? So, flat on your back. Okay. So, this is just your basic lower ab raise, your leg raise. So, you're gonna have you hands behind your **** in a comfortable position. You probably want a mat or a carpeted area. So legs go straight up in the air, nice and simple, check it out. So you're gonna flex your toes towards your face so we can activate that lower belly. So here's the trick to this, instead of just going down and up I want you to go down slow and think about three seconds down. So go down for three, two, one and then come up for one second So the reason for this is we want to resist the gravity going down. So we're resisting our legs and we're using our lower abs to lift the legs. This has nothing to do with the strength of your legs, it's all about your abs. If you have a little bit of a lower back issue you can bend your knees a little bit or you can put a towel under you back it will help it out. So this is still working. It's still gonna work your lower abs yeah. You ultimately want to try to. So take it nice and straight so we can maximize the production out of those lower abs. And how long are we supposed to be doing this? So this we're gonna do for 60 seconds, so you just keep going. How long does Alessandra do it for? For days, probably, yeah. So we're gonna inhale it one more time. So here's what I want you to do, think about this for 60 seconds. Let's try not to count too much. I don't like to count all the time. Sometimes I'll count reps, but I like to get you out of your head. You don't want to think too much. Just set the timer for 60 seconds and do both for it. So we're going to say 60 seconds is complete. Now here's that 30 second burn. We're going to hold your legs about ten inches off the ground. All we're going to do is take them and go over under over under so again this is like that little icing on the cake. That hurt. This is the extra burn. This is the part where a lot of us will just Throw her legs down, give up, say hey I'm done. I'm done. But no not Alessandra. Not Alessandra okay I'm still going, I'm still going. You're still going. So think about 60 seconds leg raise leg lower, 30 seconds burn and that's the Alessandra way. I'm ready for the bikini. Let's do it. Put it on. So how is she when she works out? Is she just She's yes Hardcore? Yes. Yes. No thrills about it. She'll take class and work out pretty hard. That explains why she looks so good. right? Thank you so much. Thank you.
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