WATCH: How to Get a Body Like Alessandra Ambrosio

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Model Alessandra Ambrosio is no stranger to staying in stellar shape—after all, she spends a lot of time in a bikini. How does she continually look better with age? We can only imagine that her regular trips to the gym have something to do with it.

You'll find Ambrosio sweating it out at Barry's Bootcamp sessions in Miami, where she torches major calories on the reg with celebrity trainer and Barry’s Bootcamp managing partner Derek DeGrazio. In the clip above, DeGrazio shows us one of the moves that he often does on Ambrosio. Watch it to learn how to do this workout at home.

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kim with InStyle, I'm here with celebrity trainer Derek DeGrazio, and he's gonna show me how to get a body like Alessandra Ambrosio. We know Alessandra Ambrosio has a phenomenal body, let's talk about her legs, she's got fantastic legs, fantastic ****, so let's do a move that would get you that Alessandra **** and leg. So if you have weights we wanna grab weights. We've got ten-pound weights because Kim's so strong. So we're gonna use these weights and just think about, a more challenging set of weights is what's really gonna change your body. So, bigger the challenge, bigger the change. We're gonna do some squats so hold the weights right above your chest right here, right at your chin. Feet about hip width apart so spread them a little bit more. So think about two things, **** to heels, and then elbows to knees. So when you inhale, sit back, backwards. Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, sit, exhale, press to your heels, and come right back up. And just keep those weights right up there, just keep them right up here. So you want the weights in front of your body so we're gonna kinda work your belly too. So it's kinda like a little secret sauce for your abs too so- Secret sauce, I like that. Inhale, right back down, one more. So **** to heels, exhale, elbows and knees, exhale right back up. These are heavy. They're heavy, right? [INAUDIBLE] feel good. So you wanna do about 60 seconds of this. We're gonna go 60 seconds. We're gonna call this 60, 30. So let's say that she just did 60 seconds, do one more, inhale down. Now you're gonna put the weights down. So let's put the weights down. Here's our little 30 second burn. This is really the icing on the cake. Whoa, whoa, whoa. We're not done? We're not done, no. Never, never done. So 30 seconds of the little pliometric moves, so we're gonna do jump squats. Right, so you're gonna step back, and then jump up in the air. Go. Step back, jump up in the air. So you're going 30 seconds of this. This is where we're just gonna say, we're gonna put that little cherry on the top. That little pop. The little secret sauce. This is the secret sauce. Ready, three more. Two more Kim. Last one. Shake it out, and that's it. So that's one down. And know I'm gonna look like [INAUDIBLE]. Sure do, you look better than her. Easy. Yeah, done. You got it. Thank you so much.
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