Get Soft, Sexy Waves

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Find out how to create irresistible waves yourself with the help of star stylist Oscar Blandi.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Oscar Blandi. Today I'm gonna teach you how to create the soft, sexy, wavy, curly hair you've seen on Sienna Miller, Molly Sims, Kelly Ripa, Jessica Biel. Those are the types of curls that drive men crazy. So the most important things to do at is section your hair. Once I split the section in two parts you actually separate the actual section. I will secure with the big clips. So what you want to do is section the hair and you spray in this case I use a curly exception. What it does it will protect your hair from the heat, it will recover your natural curls. Comb it through with my finger, you don't want to use a brush or comb, because you don't want to open the cuticles that's when the curls gets frizz. Now I just clip it and you start to turn. I always love to give some space between hair section to hair section, the reason is because you want looser curls. If I go tighter, which means I overlap the hair on the hair, I'm gonna get a tighter curls. I always want a soft curls. Keep in mind, the wire should always face up the ceiling. Now we count from one to ten, release it. Just let it sit there. Don't pull your hair, you want to fill your curls, let it sit down. Once the section is colder, then has the style locked in. Move on the next section. Again, you take the next section. You spray the last four or five inch, comb it through your finger, you clip it and you start to turn. Count from 1 to 10, release it. Now you have this two section, that pretty much ready. So what are we gonna do, we gonna do the full head. Start from the bottom, follow it up. [MUSIC] Okay, now we just finish Jessica's hair. You see we have natural soft curls. We left it. We made sure that everything is cooling off. And we leave the curls in place and just give quick tips on how to polish the ends. You pour the polish cream around the palms of your hands, distribute all over the rest of finger. So Jessica,flip your hair upside down for me. Take your hair in one gentle ponytail, you see I'm very gentle. Start to open up the curls. What you wanna do, you want to work the ends. Not necessarily the roots, this is something we haven't done from the beginning. Now after you distribute the product through all over the ends. Just like, you know, give it a good shake. Then a flick back, one quick snap. Okay, just make sure you don't get whiplash. You're doing exactly the same thing on top, massage your hair, use your finger like a comb. Curls different from other type of hair. Curls are the Betty Tussle. That's why it's beautiful and sexy. Once is everything in place and you like what you see it. Don't fuss it. Just a light spray everywhere, and you're ready to go. [MUSIC]
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