Get That Look: Jennifer Lopez's Sleek Top Knot


Jen Atikin shows Stephanie from InStyle how to get Jennifer Lopez's Sleek Top Knot


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Stephanie from In Style, and I'm here with celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin, and today she's gonna show us how to get the sleek top notch she created for Jennifer Lopez. What's great about this look, it's super easy to do. Pretty much anyone can do this. So you want to make sure that you're getting this very first ponytail really, really nice and sleek. Okay. So this is the moment where, depending if you want your hair to look like it's a messy bun or really sleek bun, you can use your fingers to rake Do the top part if you want messy. If you want sleek, I suggest getting a fine tooth comb and really just combing out all of the hairline and keeping a nice tight grip on your ponytail. I call it a facelift pony. So I would suggest that first ponytail, if you just Take it from your eye line and come up at an angle, so it's just hits to the top of your head. You don't want it really, really, really high, cause then it gets to be a little too 80s. Okay. The other thing you wanna make sure is that you're perfectly even between your ears. Once you have the first pony tail, you're gonna just pull it nice and tight and then clip it away so you can start working on your second pony. I'm using a little bit more oil at the nape of your neck just to make sure we get all of those flyaways. So I always suggest using a bungee band. And you're just gonna start by hooking it in, and then you bring it under and around. [MUSIC]. And just keep nice tension. So what inspired Jennifer to do the top knot? Jennifer is one of those girls that can pretty much pull off any look. And especially when she performs, I love watching her with like a pony tail whipping it around. Yeah, it's a great new take on it. Yeah. So once you have the ponytail in place and ready to go, you actually wanna bring it up and twist it into a knot. Most people go in a circular motion and just twist it twist it. I like to do an actual knot, so I bring it up, and just kind of come in from underneath and twist it inside out making sure that those ends, the very end of your hair, Gets tucked in in the very center. So once you have that strong base, then you can twist at it. You can make it wider, taller, whatever you need it to be. Very cool. Okay, so if you have any layers or anything that's kinda hard for you to get into that ponytail, I would suggest using the small bobby pins because they have a really nice anchor and people tend to use these the wrong way. The ridges are supposed to go against your head. [MUSIC]. [UNKNOWN] most people tend to just go on [the/g] smooth side. It's actually the opposite. Good to know. Okay, so the next step, we talked about the hairline, not everybody has a perfect hairline. And I think it's really great for pictures to fill it in and make it look like it's Semi perfect. Yes. I tend to fill it in a little bit with an eye shadow. The reason that I do that is because it's actually gonna make the hair photograph thicker. So now the trick to this is your gonna actually wanna find an eye shadow that is the color of your base color. So, you're blonde, but I'm actually using a dark brown right at the roots so that it matches the base color that you have. [MUSIC] Okay, so once you have the hairline filled in, the last step is to get your trusty toothbrush. Toothbrush? I love my little gold guy, and you're basically gonna spray this toothbrush with a strong hold hairspray and just go all along your hairline bit by bit. And brush up to make sure everything is perfect and smooth. People don't think two brushes will work, but it's actually better than a comb, because the bristles get right in there. Also, if you have a little bit of damage around the hairline, you can always put a little bit of oil on the toothbrush, just to make sure everything looks really nice and smooth. Okay. So a lot of clients always ask me, what do I do if I have little baby bangs, the breakage around the hairline. I suggest taking a bobby pin And you're going to actually just bring the bobby pin halfway up your hair. And you're just going to twist the ends. And you're going to tuck it into the bun. Like so. [MUSIC]
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