Get That Look: Gabrielle Union's Glossy Red Lips

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Kristofer Buckle demontraits how to get Gabrielle Unions' Glossy Red Lips


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Kolona with InStyle and I'm here with celebrity make up artist Kristofer Buckle. And he's going to teach us how to get Gabrielle Union's glossy red lips. Okay, Christopher I love a red lip but I always go for a matte red lip because I think a glossy red lip can look too flashy. How do you make this work? Well a lot of people steer away from shiny lips but there's definitely a wearable way to do it. If you stick with your matte texture and you use that As a base color, then you can go in with gloss and add the shine but in a very controlled way and it almost acts like a highlighter so you could add fullness to like the center of your lip and get that glossy effect. Okay. Okay, I'm going to actually use the color that I used on Gabby and it's like this matte burgundy color. And I'm gonna use a stiff brush to apply it. You can normally, you can use a lip liner or just use a nylon brush like this. Okay. I'm gonna use the brush just so we can all see what we're doing here. Okay. And I'm just gonna work around you lip. And when you go for a burgundy. It's a lot more wearable because it doesn't have that intense brightness, but you still get the drama. By the way, the brush I'm using is from an art store. This is like a $3 brush. But there's nothing wrong with. I'm just gonna show you. Taking some lip color out like this and using your finger. Okay. Because you can get a. A little bit of a softer edge, so it's not such a sharp line. Especially when your lips are full you can just tap it right on gently. You know when it comes to red lipstick, it's all about comfort levels. So it's about going to the pharmacy or to the make-up counter and trying lots of different colors. and you can always build up into a comfort level. You could start off more transparent and then build up the opacity and work your way up to a matte or a glossy red. Okay Now when it comes to the gloss part of it, you can take a clear gloss and you can just place it right into the center of your lip because you've got these beautiful, full lips. Instead of having a very messy glossy overall lip, we can just add this clear gloss right to the center Right here on your lip. It will give you the effect without all of the crazy glossiness. It's a lot more wearable. Like that. That's good. Easy, breezy. One,, two, three. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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