The Cast of OITNB Spills Their Biggest Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

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After filming five seasons, we suspected that the cast of Orange Is the New Black might just know more about their fellow Litchfield inmates than anyone else. So we sat down with Taylor Schilling, Laverne Cox, and the whole gang featured in our July issue to get the low down on all our burning questions.

Hear what it’s really like to be on an OITNB set in our video above as the actresses dish on everything from who’s most likely to arrive late to which girl has been voted best singing voice.

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If you’re dying to dig a little deeper, check out the video below where we also asked the stars some telling hypotheticals about inmate life. You’ll find out which costars Selenis Leyva thinks would bring “a little romance—a little spice in your life” as pen pals from the inside and why Schilling would want Leyva to driver her getaway car IRL.  

VIDEO: Get To Know the Cast of Orange Is The New Black

And be sure to catch OITNB's season five premiering June 9 on Netflix.


We don't play lateness on set, honey. I feel like everybody takes work very seriously and nobody really messes around with being on time to set. We're on time girls. Probably Natasha's most likely to arrive late. I do a lot of encyclopedia reading between takes and so usually I can be found in my room just Encyclopaedia Britannica, I have a full set. I have to say that we are all really professional. Everyone's on time, everyone's perfect. If I have to take [INAUDIBLE], I'll take that one. [LAUGH] I'll take that one. Let me see, who arrives late on set? The food truck? For the most part, we're pretty much on time to go to prison. [MUSIC] I would love for Dash to cook my last meal. Dash can cook. Laura Prepon, I mean she has a book out. I'll have her cook me up some broth. I'd probably wanna cook my own last meal [LAUGH]. I'm gluten free, so I'd probably make Something with a ton of gluten and eggs. Cuz if I'm going out I'm going out with a bang. This is gonna sound so boogie but I would love the shepherd Brule. I think I would have to go with my momma. I'd eat everything the Mac n And cheese. I need the lasagna. I want her chicken casserole, all of it. I would want Danielle to make her banana bread pudding, her banana thing. [MUSIC] Dani sings beautifully. Danielle Brooks has an incredible voice. Danielle has the best singing voice. I would have to say myself. [LAUGH] [SOUND] see?>>Did you see Danielle on Broadway? The Color Purple speaks for itself.>>Grammy winner. Actually, I am, but anyway [LAUGH]
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