Get Defined Curls with Joico and Ashley Madekwe


Learn how to create structured ringlets in this step-by-step tutorial starring Revenge star Ashley Madekwe and Joico’s Damien Carney!


[MUSIC] Hi my name is Damian Carney and I'm Joico national artist at director. And welcome back to my Drab to Fab series. I'm not alone. You may notice I have an incredible lady who's not an incredible actress, but she knows everything to do with fashion. She has her own style, and we're gonna be picking the brain of Ashley Madekwe. Hi And she knows exactly when it comes to creating the right look with the right hair. I'm here today with Damien to talk about wardrobe tips. And try and combine your, your look here with your outfit and match it the hair that you have. Damon's create the hair and it's gonna be fabulous. I'm gonna use his look to inspire the wardrobe tips I'm gonna give to you to today. It's an interesting thing and actually by the way this is Brooke, our first model, is that there are different degrees of curl. You know, they can be very buoyant that they come away from the head. They can be very languid that they need encouragement. But most commonly, they lack kind of moisture and maybe they set that question. A definition. There's the word, definition. So, we talked about the look, we know what we're doing, let's get on with this. So if I apply the K-Pak I started with styling oil which is a light weight oil, which is gonna be excellent for eliminating freeze. And at all costs, avoid doing this. The more you mess with the hair, the more you might set the hair in the natural position, that is really alittle un flirtering and probably isn't the look that you want. Let's talk about the tools that you're gonna use to dry your hair. One of my favorites to accelerate, is to quite simply use a diffuser. I particularly like to use the little prongs in the diffuser to rest the hair very gentle. Option two on very, very unruly, frizzy hair. What I would do is probably section the hair off. I comb it through lightly, and then I wrap it around my fingers. And then what I do is quite simply allow the hair to coil. This is gonna give you a little bit more of a defined look. And you can dry that with a diffuser or let he hair dry naturally. Now you may all be familiar with the hair dryer. It's got different controls. Not only speed, but also heat. So I'm gonna work it very, very slow with a medium temperature. I think it's kinder, slower and the hair's gonna look a lot better as an end result and ultimately your hair will be much healthier. I like to spread the dryer over the entire area rather than doing a spot at a time. I think that the hair texture kind of has a nicer feel to it, and also you're gonna get a lot more consistency My little tip is don't over-dry the hair. When you over-dry the hair, you're zapping moisture out of the hair. And with this texture it's paramount that we leave the hair just slightly moist, just so it can dry naturally, and let nature take over. [SOUND] Remember if you want your style to look a little bit more glamorous, opt for a side parting. And a very low side parting looks incredibly glamorous and very now. Want your hair to look a little bit more youthful, a little bit more day wear? Go for a center parting. Always work with the way that the hair naturally wants to fall. When you do that, your end result's gonna be so much better. Here's another little tip, particularly around the hairline, where you might require a little bit more control. Take the hair. And what you're going to do is you're going to kind of work it backwards, work it forwards. So what I'm gonna do is just to simply, loosely, wave the hair. Here's a great tip. You can use these clips that you can pretty much get anywhere around the world and I'm simply gonna place them in very lightly. So really what you're doing is you're setting the hair, in this very light. [MUSIC] Easy formation. You don't need to be perfect. You don't want it too perfect. But this is just gonna give me a little bit more control. I'll take the diffuser and then what I will do then, quite simply, is to dry the hair. Once the hair is dry, I'll take those out and then I'll use my fingers. Your hands are the best tool that you can ever have. I find them much better than a comb or a brush because they simply don't disturb the hair. So there you go. I've used the diffuser, an excellent form. I've really gotten a very beautiful, natural, wave pan, but also the hair has volume and separation that it didn't have before. Now what I'd recommend is choose the right product kind of finish and dress the hair up. What I'm gonna do is just use one of my favorites for shine and separation and that's called K-Pak Protect and Shine Serum. Really work the product in. It's almost as if there's nothing there. But it leaves you the right amount to simply dress the top layer of the hair, which is prone to frizz. Here it looks great. And here your hands are the best tool ever because what they do is they break up the hair but without disturbing the hair texture too much. I simply open up the fingers and lightly and carefully. Loosen up the hair and push it back up. Wow, look at that incredible separation you got through there. You can simply adapt this technique by simply pulling the hair away. Taking the hair away and fastening it very loosely in the nape. Really kinda gives it a very kinda day-wear or evening-wear. Go higher with your ponytail and it gives you that little bit more lift and more confidence. You can simply take all of the hair, twist it, and allow all of that to simply do its own thing and become very, very loose. Your choices are endless. [MUSIC] We're back with Brooke, her hair's all finished. I love it, I think when you've got big hair like this you really don't need to work too hard. With the rest of your outfit. You don't want to look like you are trying too hard and that's why this outfit really compliments Brooke's shape. She's got a great body it's very simple, it's very chic but it's edgy because you've got the black leather. She's also kicked it up a notch with her black patent stilettos which are almost the same as mine matching. If she wanted to go ever further and make it even sexier you could make it strapless. Wow. Ashley I love Brooke. You did an incredible job. I'd expect that from you cuz you've got great taste. Thanks. What I love is that opposites work. You know, sometimes like you were saying Something that has volume or a lot of illuminous shape. When you walk in something that's a little bit lean, I think it kinda makes it look very refreshing. Love it, love it, love it. If you've got it, celebrate it. If you haven't, work it and make it better. Check us out on the website. Look for great tips and techniques. And, it's good bye from all of us. Bye. [MUSIC]
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