Video: Gabrielle Union's Smoky Winged Liner Is Perfect for Beginners

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If you're still struggling to create a narrow cat eye, then Gabrielle Union's smoky winged look is the perfect alternative. Celebrity makeup expert Mario Dedivanovic broke down the simple steps with InStyle's Fashion and Beauty Editor at Large, Kahlana Barfield Brown—and the process is way easier than we imagined.

"It doesn't have to be really neat and perfect, which is great," revealed Dedivanovic, while adding, "winged cat eye liners are usually very hard or intimidating to do. This one is more easy because it's smoked out."

Another added bonus to wearing the look is its versatility. Dedivanovic went on to explain how you can take the look from day to night: "You have your regular day makeup on that you do for the office ... and for nighttime you add a little bit of the black pencil, and you smoke it out, and you have a very beautiful, sexy cat eye." Press play at the top to see him break down each step.

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[MUSIC] Hi I'm Colano with InStyle and I'm here with celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, also known as makeup by Mario. And he's gonna teach us how to get Gabrielle Union's smoky winged liner. [MUSIC] The first step I'm gonna show you now. You take a pencil, a black pencil, very pigmented black pencil, and I'm going to start out on the outer corner of the eye. I'm gonna do a fairly thick line here, and it doesn't have to be really neat and perfect, which is great. Winged, cat-eye liner is usually very hard or intimidating to do. This one's more easy cuz it's smoked out. I recommend pulling your skin this way, it makes it easier for you to apply the line. I'm gonna now go along the bottom of the eye, along the inner room, and very little bit into the bottom last line. And I'm gonna connect it at the outer corners here with that line that I drew on top. So that's the first step. The next step is going to be to blend. Using a clean, small eye shadow brush, could be either size. I'm gonna probably use both. I'm gonna start blending the line now. So when you start blending the line up into the lids of the eye it starts to look like a shadow. So this is a great alternative to creating a smoky eye where your layering eye shadows. You can just use an eyeliner. Here and blend with the brush to get a similar affect. Yes, absolutely. And it's a really simple way to go from day to night makeup as well. Okay. You have your regular day makeup on that you do for the office, or for work, or for wherever you are, and then for night time you add a little bit of a black pencil and you smoke it out and you have a beautiful sexy cat eye And I'm doing the same thing along the bottom of the eye now too. I'm just blending that black liner. The more that you blend it and the lower you go, the more dramatic it's going to be. We're gonna move on to the other eye now and do the same thing. I'm gonna start with the outer corner cuz that's where the majority of the product is going to be and I'm gonna slide it. I glide it along to the inner corner. Again, you don't have to be super neat with this line which is really great cuz you're gonna be blending it. Connect the bottom line now to the top. So it look something like that before you blend it, and you wanna start blending it. Smoking it out and pulling it out this way. This really elongates the eye as well. And that's it, a really easy and simple way to do a smoky wing liner. [MUSIC]
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