Gabrielle Union plays a game of 'This or That'


Find out if Gabrielle prefers the Braxtons or the Kardashians, Batman or Superman, Ross or Joey, and more.


You're watching EW Light Bulb, presented by Glade. Gabrielle, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for having me. We have something here, it's, it's a little kind of fun add on. Okay. A little game of this or that. Okay. Where I'll just read a series of this or that of things. Are you ready for this? Absolutely. Okay. Red or blue? Red. Batman or Superman? Batman. Talking animals or talking babies? Animals. Herbie Husker or Joe Bruin? That's not playing fair. Herbie Husker. [LAUGH] Braxton sisters or Kardashian sisters? . I know more of the Braxton's, they can kick my ****, we'll go with the Braxton's. [LAUGH] Tyler Perry in a suit, or Tyler Perry in a dress? Suit. LL Cool J's Deep Blue Sea theme song, or Will Smith's Wild Wild West theme song? Wild Wild West. Taylor Swift's love songs, or Taylor Swift break up songs? Shake it off, shake it off. Love. [LAUGH] Single ladies or Drunken Love? Drunken Love. Saved by the Bell the New Class or Star Trek Deep Space 9? Deep Space 9. Ross or Joey? Joey. Wow. Final, final confirmation after all these years. Mary Jane by Rick James, I'm in Love With Mary Jane by Coolio, or Mary Jane's Last Dance by Tom Petty? I'm Rick James, ****. [LAUGH] I'm in love with Mary Jane. [LAUGH] Gabrielle, thank you so much for being here. Yeah, thank you. It was such a pleasure to meet you. Watch the full episode of EW Light Bulb presented by Glade.
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