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Frizz Ease 10-1


When people with naturally curly or frizzy hair tend to straighten their hair, they spend a lot of time doing it only to realize the next morning it starts to curl up again. What's really exciting because I'm using this revolutionary product frizz-ease three day straight semi permanent styling spray. Its a super simple treatment and locks in straightness into your hair for three days until you wash it or of course get it wet. So what's unique about this product is it actually wraps around the individual strands of hair so when it dries it stays soft and flexible and you'll love the way your hair feels and how it moves naturally. So we've just finished using the Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner. Frizz can attack any type of texture, and what's great about this shampoo is it leaves the hair smooth, shiny, easy to manage and easy to style. When it comes time to blow drying, really it's all about the three day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray. Very easy to apply. Just mist the hair from root to tip. Work your way right through. What's great about this product is the applicator, the product comes out with such ease and as you can see I'm getting such a nice even mist. Now once you've applied your product, the best thing to do is use a brush to really just make sure it gets through everywhere. Now it's time to blow dry. Now because the product is heat activated, using clean sections, a brush, and a blow dryer is key to setting the pace for the next three days. Now after finishing blow drying, the final step is done with a flat iron. And the flat iron is really key to activate this product. Not only to lock in the straightness for three days. But allow the hair to be soft, smooth, and touchable. Grab a section of hair, press the two plates together, and just glide it right through to the ends. Now what's really great about this is that so many styling products out there leave the hair really rough, and dry and coarse. And this just leaves it so soft and touchable. Now you may wanna touch up your hair at some point over the next three days. Now providing you haven't actually gotten it soaking wet, you're really okay to not apply any more product and just use the flat iron. The flat iron alone will reactivate the product and give you your silky sheen back. [MUSIC] I love this transformation. The Frizz-ease 3-D straight, semi-permanent styling spray. It will never leave your hair hard and crunchy, and that's the best part about it.

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