Friends and Drake Meet in "Hotline Bing"

Okay, so we got Chandler to dance to our tune... No, not ours.#FRIENDSonCC, Mon-Fri, 10 PM.

Posted by Comedy Central India on Sunday, February 14, 2016
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Chandler Bing’s dorky Friends dance finally has a new theme song.

Thanks to the mash-up masters at Comedy Central India, the Internet can now enjoy Matthew Perry’s breakout character jiving to Drake’s “Hotline Bling” on loop. The hitmaker may be more suave with the ladies, but Bing’s awkward arm movements give his colorful cha-cha a run for its money.

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Drake’s smash-hit video has spawned a number of parodies since its October release, including an Avengers-style parody and a celebrity-stacked cover.

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