Freida Pinto: 60 Seconds of Style


The beautiful actress opens up about big hair and... big feet!


[MUSIC] The entire photo shoot everybody worked as a team. There were inputs coming in from everybody, so it kind of made it even more fun. The first dress of the [INAUDIBLE] was my, My favorite. It was very unique to see all these different fabrics kind of put in together. Like I said, some of them looked really vintage and made it look like one beautiful dress, not one big augment. I always thought big hair would make my head look big. I like a bigger hair. Do I have a lot of hair, they're very, it's very fine, it falls limp at times. I still can't manage my own hair. I'm quite bad at it. When you walk down a red carpet, you don't have to do the typical ball gown because the ball gown is kind of compulsory, and I have to comfortable throughout in it. Cuz you know red carpet it's a long event. And in terms of shoe, I really do always swear by [UNKNOWN] for red carpet, because it's just very comfortable. And I have big feet, so I need comfortable shoes. [MUSIC]
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