Find Out Who Inspired Kate Hudson To Help The UN World Food Program


Kate Hudson explains how she got involved in helping the fight against hunger.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Lauren Bush Lauren. I am the CEO and founder of Feed. A social business with the mission to create good products that help feed the world. And it's been so fun to be the special correspondent for the Shining Stars Feature Ed in style. I've had the great pleasure of talking to many shining stars. One of whom is Kate Hudson, who is very involved in a issue that's very near and dear to my heart which is hunger. And specifically through the UN World Food program. So I have been sort of immersed in the world of refugees. Mainly focus on mothers and And their children. Which then led me to seeing what a lot of these foundations are doing inside of these camps, one of which is the World Food Program. I think it starts with your kids, you've had your children. You're concerned about their health, their nutritional value, and as you start to get beyond the walls In what you live in. You look around and you realize that there are so many children who are going to bed hungry. I think when you have your kids it sorta influences you to take action in any capacity. And sort of just do the best you can for your kids. And you want to be the best role model for your kids. I want my kids to see me, and their uncles, and their grandparents. And see how. We're all involved in something that is about bringing awareness to things that are going on in the world that need assistance, and need a lot of aid. For me, with the World Food Program, it is one of those things where you just. When you start to experience And meet children who are starving and their mother's who are starving. You just can't bear it. It's just one of those thing that you realize, that it's a tangible offering that if you can get food to these families and when you see them suffering like that it It's just stuff. You can't help but want to reach out and be a part of it. [MUSIC]
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