Find Out the Last Thing the Cast of Orange Is the New Black Googled

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Ever wonder how what your Internet search history says about you? What about your favorite fictional inmates? We know we're curious! So, while the cast of Orange Is the New Black was onset for their feature in our latest issue, we asked them to tell us about their last Google search.

Watch the video above to find out the Argentine tango move Laura Prepon is trying to master from her dance class, and hear the latest hairstyle Natasha Lyonne tried to copy. Stars, they're just like us!

For more from the cast of Orange Is the New Black, pick up the July issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download June 9.


[MUSIC] The last thing I Google besides myself? [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Actually, I just Googled the Hermes Gypsy Air handbag to show my Publicist, we're both into handbags. What did I just Google? Amy's bread, cuz [LAUGH] it's Natasha's birthday tomorrow, [UNKNOWN] My god, I just Google something, I guess cuz I'm always Googling. How to pick a ripe cantaloupe. You're supposed to smell it. I always thought it was Touching it if it's hard and I just love to touch hard things. But, it's smelling from the blossom so it's like what part is the blossom. [LAUGH] The last thing I googled was a guy that I'm dating I just needed to see what was going on. Women you need to do that, it's important. Know who you're talking to. The last thing I Googled was [LAUGH] and Argentine tango [UNKNOWN]. Cuz I take Argentine tango lessons, so I was learning this specific move called a [UNKNOWN]. And I wanted to see some women doing it. That's right, I was Googling MacGyver. Thank you. I was getting my hair done and I said, I've got it. I think tonight I would like to look like MacGyver. I Googled the black lilith. Black lilith is called the black moon, and she brings chaos. So my life was a little chaotic the last couple of days, so I was looking her up. You could feel her effects for a minute. And Venus is retrograde, it's all a mess. So if your in a relationship, good luck.
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