Is the Future of Fashion 3-D Printing?

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In our latest video, InStyle Fashion News Director Eric Wilson discusses how the practice of 3-D printing affects fashion. "What are the possibilities," Wilson posits as Bradley Rothenberg, Co-Founder and CEO of nTopology, discusses the various techniques used and how it varies from handcrafted pieces. He explains how aerospace and automotive practices are now being applied to ready-to-wear apparel.

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Watch the video above for more of the interview.


[BLANK_AUDIO] In the last two to three years we've seen a massive interest in adapting clothes with the excitement of having around technology. All of those devices that we love to use everyday have inspired fashion designers to ask, well what can we do to make clothes that exciting. [MUSIC] It's time people were excited about what can happen with fashion, what are the possibilities out there with your clothes. [MUSIC] What you're seeing is the kind of technology from aerospace and from automotive is actually trickling down to sports wear and then that's even trickling down into fashion. So you're seeing the same technology is able to be use in multiple industry. Industries. [MUSIC] The first 3D-printed dress that I did in my career was actually printed in a nylon material. Normally this is a rigid material, it's a hard material. So in order to make it flexible we had to print small interlocking structures. So we were looking Things like knitting. Things like weaving for the kind of ideas behind those structures. It was through using these small interlocking structures that we can make something flexible.>>>One of the dangers of high tech fashion is it begins to lose it's soul. If you think that fashion that is made by hand involves someones Time and effort and they cared about producing these garments. So it has more of a personal touch. And that's what you risk losing then you produce everything out on the computer. It tends to feel like if on this robotic or a uniform. Where the future of 3D printing is really in making better parts. What we can really 3D print on a really much smaller scale. We can actually access The kind of atomic level of material so we can make new materials that can do things that materials that we have today can't do. It's gonna be kind of something that as a consumer we're not necessarily aware of What you'll be aware of as a consumer is that you can get better things. You can go into a store and order something that fits you specifically. This kind of technology could be seen as revolutionary, as the sewing machine was. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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