Fashion Weekend's Stars

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Hear what Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Becki Newton, Michael Kors and Diane Von Furstenberg shared this fashion-packed weekend.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Katrina Szish for and it's going to be a fashion pack weekend. We're kicking it all off with Kathryn Molendrino. [MUSIC] This is the first time I'll see her show. I think she's absolutely beautiful. I think she's so wonderfully talent. I love Katherine's stuff. And I think she really nails exceptional elegant feminine style. I think she's an amazing designer. Very creative. I'm really excited to see this show. This is probably the best part for me. Cuz I get to see my friend. And probably one of my favorite designers. I'm wearing Catherine Maladrino. Catherine is an incredible designer. So feminine, so flirty and she's a beautiful women as well, so she knows how to wear it. [MUSIC] Next up, Denim Power House, DIESEL. [MUSIC] Donna Karan brings us her DKNY collection from Greenwich Village. [MUSIC] Donna's so brilliantly sort of infused her name with New York City with this whole idea of urban fashion. These clothes are right, they're smart, they move, they got a sort of great mutation of color. [MUSIC] We're heading back stage to Michael Coors and then we'll bring you his spring 2008 collection. Michael knows exactly what Michael wants to say. This is how he sees women. This is how he wants them to look and wants them to dress and wants them to walk and they should be ready for a good time all the time. Today I'm feeling very Michael Kors, I always feel like I can't go wrong when I'm wearing Michael Kors. I just think he's very, very classy and elegant. The variety of women that wear the clothes in the public eye is so vast. Everything from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Hudson. From J-Lo to Mary J Blige. I mean, it's just such a huge mix of women. [MUSIC] Classy and elegant. And he's a huge fan of my sport so it's always good to support each other. [MUSIC] We're here with the designer who inspires millions of women with her designs, Diane Von Furstenberg. Nice to see you Diane. Nice to see you. What is your inspiration? For this collection. This collection is about freedom, really. The fantasy that every woman has to escape, and finding love and therefore, the volcano is such a symbol. She's an icon. My mom and I actually share a collection of her wrap dresses. It's something that appeals to every age and it flatters every figure. Diane is a woman who's always been on a mission. Watching what Diane's done is that her line has evolved without ever going too far away from its core ingredient, which is, I will give you an easy way to look good. I will show you clothes that will look good on all women. We're bringing you behind the scenes access to the Narciso Rodriguez runway. And now, enjoy the show. [MUSIC] Right now, the vibe feels great, very buzzy. I wear a lot of his clothing. Sexy, you feel meticulously well-tailored. The lines, it's clean, it's well cut. It's really great. Thanks for joining us for a weekend filled with stars and style. That's a wrap. [MUSIC]
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