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The rapper-singer talks about her obsession with fashion as she takes the stage in couture.


[MUSIC] My inspiration is fashion, so I got to wear couture. For me, fashion is what you feel. There are days where I'm like you know, mini-skirts and fishnets and high-heeled shoes, or there are days when I'm like jeans and Uggs and you know, a t-shirt. So, it just depends, I mean I have prairie dresses, I have all kinds of stuff in that closet. [MUSIC] You should always go off of what you feel and what's best for your body type and things that you like whether it's crazy to other people or not. [MUSIC] My music is my diary and I haven't been out in probably 5 years, so I had a lot to write about. So that's what inspires me, my everyday life. [MUSIC] I wanted to make a album that felt good, those are the albums I listen to. The albums that you can listen to when you're getting dressed to go out or the album you can listen to just makes you happy, at the end of a day or you know throughout your day, those are the kinda albums I listen to, that's my favorite kinda music. It It, it just does what it's supposed to do for me. I love that I'm one of the people that that's in this issue. So I'm excited about that, definitely. [MUSIC]
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