Eva Longoria Explains Why You Can "Have It All"

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We officially want to be Eva Longoria when we grow up. Yes, the actress and multi-media mogul has built a career for herself out of talent and an unrivaled sense of drive, but Longoria isn’t afraid of sharing her success. In the above video for PowerwomenTV, the brunette beauty explains that despite how tough it may seem, women truly can have it all: love, success in work, a family, a toned body, and well-earned balance. Longoria discusses why it’s important to deconstruct preconceived roles of women and shares how to do so. Watch the full video above.

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[MUSIC] The role of women historically has been socially constructed. So we have been told what we're supposed to be. We're supposed to be the wife, we're supposed to be the mom, we're supposed to be the caretaker. And if it's socially constructed, by definition we can deconstruct it. And we can say, no, I'm gonna define that for myself. I'm gonna say I'm gonna be the businesswoman, I'm gonna be the wife, I'm gonna be the mom, I'm gonna be the executive, I'm gonna succeed in my career, I'm gonna. And there's this huge war happening right now with, can women have it all, and. Somebody told me women can have it all, just not at the same time. [LAUGH] As much as I rubbed up against that and I said no! No! I go, it's kinda true. We can absolutely have it all. We just have to figure out priorities and when we want this and when we want that. We put false expectations upon ourselves, but I don't think that means you shouldn't try. I think you should absolutely try and succeed. But just know that you can be that powerful, successful woman and still find the guy. [MUSIC]
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