Eva Longoria Explains Why Love Is So Important 

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When your days are intertwined with a multitude of tough-to-juggle projects, it can be difficult to make time for relationships. But as a self-described hopeless romantic, Eva Longoria considers love and spontaneity to be key to happiness. “It’s hard in general to find a really good match for yourself on all levels,” she tells PowerwomenTV. “There’s so many places you have to match up." Sure, the dating game may be tough, but Longoria has hope for everyone. Watch the full video above.

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[MUSIC] It's hard, in general, to find a really good match for yourself, I mean on all levels, emotionally, intellectually, physically, there's so many places you have to match up. politically and for me I found that I'm a hopeless romantic and I love dating shows. I love to see people fall in love. And then you watch the car wrecks happening, you're like, don't do that! Oh, my God. And I feel like in life, we tend to produce our lives and we tend to produce, like I want to get married by 30, I'm gonna have two kids by 32 do do do and you You give yourself these expectations and timelines, it doesn't lead to spontaneity and the love and romance.
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