Eva Mendes Stars as an Exotic Dancer in the Trailer for Ryan Gosling's Movie Lost River


The chilling trailer for the first-ever Ryan Gosling directed film Lost River has arrived, and it definitely grabbed our attention.

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Lost River centers on the dark story of a struggling single mother (Christina Hendricks) and her teenage son (Iain De Casestecker) that live in a desolate and near-abandoned town. And the movie looks all sorts of creepy: In the clip there are burning buildings, hints of a secret underwater town, talks of spells, and an exotic dancer—played by Gosling's girlfriend Eva Mendes—who ends up bloody and on the ground.

Catch Lost River when it hits theaters Apr. 10.

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[MUSIC] Looks like we're the only ones left. There are still people here. How can I help? I'd like to stay in the house. Do you mind if I ask why? Because I have two boys and that is our home. I might have found a road that goes under water. Let's go down to that town. What town? They flooded a bunch of towns we they downed the river, and that's why they call this Lost River. Soon as the last town was drowned the spell was cast. Everything that's going on around here. It's got to be for some reason. This is my country. This is my city. Don't let them change your minds again! We will be running everything now. Head south, man. You are a very beautiful lady. What's this? It's a job. Where is that? Somewhere over the rainbow. [MUSIC] Louis put it that way. Is it dangerous? If the door is locked, you're fine. Why would you steal from Billy? He's trouble. He'll hurt you. Hey, you better run [INAUDIBLE] What's keeping you here? I mean my mom, Frankie That's what's keeping you here? [MUSIC] I provide these kids for a better life somewhere. [MUSIC] Hey, wanna ride home? What if something happened? We'd have to leave tomorrow. Would you come? [MUSIC] Now your voice, rebel the spell [MUSIC]
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